Houston Women Podcast with Dana Tyson

Houston Women with Dana Tyson on Sunny 99.1 Interview with Jillian Goltzman, Houston lifestyle blogger at Cup of Charisma

Happy Thursday, friends! It has been such a wild last two weeks and I’m so excited to finally tell you about it. Two weeks ago, I received an email from Dana Tyson at Sunny 99.1, one of Houston’s most popular radio stations. At first, I didn’t even realize who I was corresponding with until it finally clicked: radio host Dana Tyson wanted me on her brand new podcast. I said yes immediately, and within a few short days, I was nervously waiting in the iHeart Media lobby. Our conversation was the kickoff to Sunny 99.1’s Houston Women with Dana Tyson podcast, and I am so humbled by the opportunity. Dana has set out on a mission to feature Houston women who are trailblazers in their careers, and it was such an honor to be the first guest on.

Jillian Goltzman on Houston Women with Dana Tyson Podcast
In the Sunny 99.1 recording studio

You all know I love public speaking, but I can’t deny that butterflies surface whenever I take on a new opportunity. I’ve recorded a few podcasts this year, but all of these conversations were recorded over the phone. (Meaning that I could be in yoga pants, no makeup on, and cuddling my dog and you would never know it.) My butterflies were having a full-on party last Tuesday when I headed into the iHeartMedia office, but I immediately felt at ease once I met Dana and her team. There is something that’s so exciting about radio broadcasting. Sitting behind a microphone with Dana felt invigorating and, surprisingly, natural!

Jillian Goltzman and Dana Tyson - Houston Women with Dana Tyson on Sunny 99.1 Interview'
Snapping a pic with Dana Tyson after the show. She is such a prominent trailblazer in Houston radio.

In my conversation with Dana, we discussed everything from what led me to move to Houston, how I’ve built my blog, my favorite TV shows, the best parts of town, and more. The minutes flew by and I felt like I could have talked for another hour! I’m so grateful to the Sunny 99.1 team and their commitment to showcasing amazing women in Houston. I’d love if you could support the show by checking out my podcast episode with Dana Tyson on your favorite podcasting app! Read the post online at Sunny 99.1, watch the interview on YouTube, or listen on any of the below sites:



Do you have someone you’d like to hear on Dana Tyson’s podcast? Want to be a guest? Email DanaTyson@iheartmedia.com


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