15 Best Mid-Century Modern Sofas Under $1,000

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Growing up, I’ve always been a lover of all things vintage. When living in Miami, my favorite hobby was to visit thrift stores on the weekend and do my best to sort through relics for gold. I pore over clothing patterns at JoAnn fabrics, marvel at the fashions in shows like Mad Men and the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and find myself constantly diving into the past for inspiration. You could say my taste in furniture is in the same vein. There is nothing I love more than a mid-century modern couch.

My current living situation has posed a bit of a challenge with my personal style, but times are changing! I’ve been pinning mid-century modern home decor for years, and am finally ready to put my obsession with aesthetics to good use as we look for a couch of our own. Styling a home can quickly add up, so I decided to pass along a few unique gems I’ve found while online shopping to help you score the perfect mid-century modern sofas under $1,000 from some of the best home decor brands online.

Selecting Mid-Century Modern Sofas Under $1,000

Here are a few things to consider in your own search:

Color Palette

Are you looking for a neutral or more playful pop of color? In my opinion, a neutral tone can be easier to style years down the line by simply changing throw pillows and your surrounding artwork. These pieces are more of an investment, and you might be less likely to tire of them. That being said, I live for a statement couch! I’ve been wanting to get a pink velvet love seat in my office for a while, and plan to once I have more space! Do what feels most true to you.


Measure your living room space and plot out the design before making your final decision. An app like MagicPlan can help you determine the layout. For example, in my current apartment, my partner has managed to hoard his bachelor pad furniture in our mid-sized apartment. A loveseat, sofa, and recliner chair may not all fit according to plan without feeling cramped. Choose a couch that fits the size you need to accommodate your company. Opt for a sofa and two accent chairs or perhaps a mid-century modern sectional. Any of the sofas below would be the perfect size for an apartment, townhome, or house.


This is purely based on your preference. I love getting cozy on my couch, so I’ve never been a fan of leather sofas. I typically love a soft velvet or tweed (but beware because twill/tweed can get itchy).


Another dealbreaker for me is armrests. I love having an armrest to curl up on with coffee and a book as I go through my morning routine. In the roundup below, I included a variety to choose from that have armrests in different sizes.


Couches can run thousands of dollars, which can be quite a shock when you’re trying to furnish a home. A comfortable sofa is an essential home item and searching for quality is key. Brands like Wayfair, West Elm, Joss & Main, Overstock and Target all have budget-friendly options that don’t skimp on comfort.

Without further ado, here are my 15 favorite mid-century modern sofas under $1,000:


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