Cup of Charisma FAQHello! To help you better understand Cup of Charisma, I’ve gathered some of its most frequently asked questions. If you have anything you’d like to ask, shoot me an email at jillian@cupofcharisma.com.

What’s the mission of Cup of Charisma? 

Cup of Charisma is a blog created to guide others identify their potential to impact the world — all while in good style, of course. It’s a blog for the restless twentysomething looking to determine a purpose, feel good about themselves and create social change.

What topics do you cover on Cup of Charisma? 

My writing is reflective of the experiences and questions I face each day, as well as the experience of my friends and loved ones. If you think you’re alone in “figuring out” this stage in your life, please know that you’r far from it. While reading Cup of Charisma, you’ll stumble on posts that discuss socially conscious fashion, inspirational success stories, music, art and tips of everyday living.

What’s your favorite topic to write about? 

To be honest, I really infuse a piece of myself into every blog I write. Writing is my major stress reliever and favorite form of expression. I love each topic I write about. If I had to choose a few I’d say body confidence and socially conscious fashion.

Do you have a favorite charitable fashion brand? 

This one is too tough to answer. I think Sevenly is my favorite brand — the organization donates $7 from each purchase to a different charity each week. It’s versatile and carries stunning designs that are a typography nerd’s dream come true.

Do you have a favorite social cause? 

I can’t credit one cause above another…social issues are so vast in the world we live in today; each needs attention. Domestic violence and sexual assault prevention is the cause that rings a chord with me most. I’m a huge cheerleader for healthy relationships and you’ll notice that in many of my articles. It’s a gigantic and troubling topic that should be on our agenda. “1 in 4” should be “none in 4.”

What camera do you use? 

Nikon D7100

What lenses do you use? 

A standard 18-55 mm lens does the trick on most days, but I use a Nikkor 50mm prime lens for all of my product shots and some portrait shots, too.

Favorite quote? 

“Life shrinks and expands in proportion to one’s courage.” – Anais Nin