Groupon’s BeautyNow Booking is a Game Changer

    Real Talk: self-care can be such a challenge. When life is busy, it’s difficult to find the time and motivation to take the simple steps to taking care of yourself. When I was working full-time and running my blog, I would only find myself at the salon when I was in absolute desperation. Mind you, I never booked appointments and always would wait in line with the other walk-ins. This method was not just inefficient, but it also took the fun out of the act of self-care. Groupon’s BeautyNow Booking feature completely changed the self-care game for me.

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    My Float Spa Experience at Healing Waters + Giveaway

    It’s not difficult for me to confess that I’m a woman of many thoughts. My head is constantly swirling with ideas, to-do items that never seem to fully get done, lingering thoughts from past conversations, and the internal dialogue I have always seemed to live with. My brain feels as loud as your favorite brunch spot on a Sunday – constant thoughts fighting to be the loudest in the room. There’s never any quiet, any honestly I was a little afraid to experience the quiet all along.

    When I was invited to try Healing Waters Float Spa, a Houston floatation therapy spa that practices sensory deprivation, I was intrigued. When I began to read about it, I even freaked out a little and questioned if I could do it at all. In today’s blog, I’m sharing my experience with floatation therapy and the unexpected results I didn’t quite anticipate.

    What is Floatation Therapy?

    Floatation therapy is a therapeutic practice involving custom designed floatation cabins filled with 10″ of water and over 1300 pounds of dissolved medical grade Epsom Salt, a
    higher concentration than the Dead Sea. Floaters are free from external stimuli like sight, sound, touch, temperature, and gravity. I’ll dive into my float a little later, but I honestly felt like I was levitating. As floaters feel completely weightless, the water is also at skin temperature so it’s incredibly comfortable and gives you the ability to disconnect.

    Why I Decided to Float

    If you’ve been following my blog for some time, you know that I am the queen of burnout. I have spent years trying to do it all with this incredible fear that I needed to work as hard at possible in all areas of my life or I’d be dramatically behind. The wear and tear on my mental and physical body took toll. When I finally did reach peak burnout phase, I had insomnia, feelings of anxiety, and even nerve damage due to stress.

    My awakening about the importance of restorative practices hit me last year, but I could never find a way to practice. I’d try meditation apps or running, but all of my efforts fell short. I thought my brain was broken. That my mind wasn’t sophisticated enough to disconnect and meditate or even take care of myself. I was drowning—but then I decided to float.

    When I read about the Healing Waters Float Spa, I wasn’t sure how my body would react. I had honestly never been disconnected for a full 60 minutes with nothing to entertain me but my mind. I got a bit nervous on my way to the spa but felt completely at ease when I walked into the peaceful lobby, crafted with natural wood and Himalayan salt accents. The energy completed shifted and helped me shake my anxiety.

    So What are the Benefits?

    Healing Waters Float Spa Lobby

    As someone who deals with immense amounts of stress (like HELLO, I was even stressed about spending an hour relaxing), I was floored by the reported benefits of floating. Some of the perks I was looking most forward to were cortisol reduction, muscle tension relief, anxiety relief, and just a greater awareness of myself and the things around me.It’s great for everyone from athletes to workaholics.  I’ve learned that it’s important to make floating a habit to get the most benefits from your experience. Just like meditating and yoga, floating is a practice. The more you do it, the better you’ll feel.

    The Spa Setup

    The design work put into Healing Waters Float Spa consciously aligns nature, peace, and minimalism. The distractions end immediately when you walk into the lobby. The policy at Healing Waters is to escort guests through the lobby, taking them to their float suite, and allowing them to walk out a separate exit through a relaxation room filled with literature on the practice of meditation and fresh tea.

    The suite is the most intriguing part of the experience. I was escorted into the room and instructed on how my float would go, how the float cabin works and filtrates, and how to control the cabin. Once I stepped into my cabin after rinsing off and putting in my earplugs to block the water, I closed the door in a blue-lit pool of water, and my body instantly gravitated upwards – such an awesome feeling! I was also able to control the music and lighting, making it a completely personalized experience.

    Healing Waters Relaxation Room

    So How Was My Experience?

    For the first twenty minutes, I was a little antsy trying to control my thoughts. It’s funny that I instantly started to think about major stressors, but they almost melted away as time passed. Once I found a floating position I liked, I let myself relax and feel suspended above water. When I REALLY got into it, I decided to turn off the lights which was my best idea. Floating in the dark with no ceiling to look at or light to distract you is a really incredible experience that takes your mind to other places. I was floating in infinity without bounds to soothing music. I tried best to think of places that gave me positive, tranquil memories like the mountains of Colorado or the oceans of Hawaii. Disconnecting at this point was easy. Before I knew it, my time was up!

    After exiting my float tank, I showered in my cabin and kept remarking on the energy I had. I was wide awake and just exhilarated, which was a feeling I hadn’t expected. I felt like I could run a marathon when I typically leave spas feeling like I need to take a five-hour nap. Knowing the physical and mental benefits, I plan on returning to Healing Waters Float Spa at least once a month to practice sensory deprivation and disconnect.

    Photo via @hwfloatspa

    It’s Your Turn – Discounts & Giveaways!

    I’m excited to share that you can float, too! Use the code COCFLOAT to get your first 60-minute float for only $45 now until June 30. You can book your appointment here! I’d LOVE to hear what you think about your experience once you try it, so come on back and leave a comment in the section below!

    Now if you’re looking for a FREE  float session enter to win by following the instructions below:

    -Share this post on your page

    -Tag Cup of Charisma and Healing Waters on Facebook!

    A winner will be selected on Sunday, May 20th, so stay tuned!


    Sephora Spring Bonus Sale: My Cruelty-Free Beauty Favorites

    Cruelty-Free Beauty Products

    Who can resist a sale from Sephora? Not this gal. Sephora’s Spring Bonus Sale is happening now until Monday! Depending on your Sephora Rewards status, you can take advantage of a 10-15% discount on your purchase. It’s RARE to find luxury and premium beauty brands at a discount, so this is one of my favorite sales of the year. Here’s how it works: if you’re a Sephora Insider you can get up to 10% off with the code YAYINSIDER (if you’re not signed up, get on the list here). Even better, if you’re a VIB Insider or VIB Rouge Insider you get 15% off! Use codes YAYVIB for 15% off if you’re a VIB Beauty Insider and YAYRouge if you’re a Rouge Insider.

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    Events Growth & Inspiration

    Get Inspired! Danika Brysha’s Brunch Series Set for Houston

    Happy Monday, loves! I’m so excited to start off this Monday by sharing a really interesting event coming to Houston this week. Before I dive in, I wanted to take care of some housekeeping since there have been so many new changes in my life lately. In my last post (if you haven’t read it, get started here), I shared that I have taken the leap into full-time blogger and solopreneurship. In this process, I realized that my perfectionism was harming my full potential and that I was dragging my feet waiting for that little lightbulb of inspiration to strike me with my next big idea. Well, starting this week there will be NO excuses and no waiting for the perfect post. I am super excited to announce that Cup of Charisma will now have a posting schedule of THREE posts per week. Pop over to the blog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to see what’s new! A weekly newsletter will also start on May 7, so make sure to subscribe!

    Now to the fun stuff… enter: Danika Brysha. Danika is a self-care expert, body positive fashion model, and Model Meals Founder/CEO who is coming to Houston during her 8-month tour of the US and Canada where she and her partner, Chef Billy Haley, will be empowering women through the Brunch Series Tour. (Did I mention they travel with their super cute dog, Kingsley) Danika reached out to me on Instagram two weeks ago with details of the event. I’m SO excited to let you know I’ll be there on Wednesday for her all-day Houston workshop.

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    A Risk Padded By Love

    I’ve been holding a secret in for a few weeks now, so today’s the big release. I’ve rehearsed ways to say it out loud, written down at least five different stale analogies, and have woken up truly forgetting that this is a reality. The longer I’ve kept in this small tidbit of information, the more it’s felt less like real-life and more like a hiatus. For you to understand how big of a deal this is, I need to give you a lay of my land.

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    My Healthy Fix to Combat Dry Hair

    My Healthy Fix to Combat Dry Hair - Hair Food Moisture Collection Review on Cup of Charisma

    Let’s get one thing straight: I’m a purpose-driven gal on a mission. I feel I never have enough time to truly impact the world in the ways I want to, but one way I consciously decide to is through my choices. Each day, I make a conscious effort to control the products I use and the food I put in my body. You see, I’ve created a socially-conscious “diet” of sorts which has impacted my life – and even my beauty routine. So when did this natural health obsession start? Well, it all began on a cattle ranch in the Australian outback—a story I’ll save for another day. I’ve been a vegetarian for 12 long years (a fact that will make Texans look at you like an alien), and have begun to adopt a vegan diet in recent weeks. What started as an intrinsic response to my love for living things has developed into an even deeper connection to healthy, natural products and foods which are environmentally-friendly and good for me. When I learned about the Hair Food brand, I was compelled by the nourishing ingredient list. A shampoo and conditioner collection made out of foods I’d willingly put in my body and words I can pronounce? Sign me up!

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