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Cup of Charisma preparing for Any Lab Test Now bloodwork at Houston Medical Center Location

This post was sponsored by Any Lab Test Now, but all opinions are my own. Thank you to the companies that make Cup of Charisma possible and help me get information out to my community.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a long time, you know that I am no stranger to taking hold of my health and advocating for readers to do the same. I’ve always felt that being equipped with your health information is not only a benefit, but a necessity. From experiencing massive burnout to getting real about anxiety, I strive to be proactive and understand what my body is telling me. When presented with the opportunity to know even more about my health, you know I am ready to dive into the data.

I recently had the chance to visit Any Lab Test Now, a testing site that provides direct access to clinical, DNA, drug and alcohol testing. The lab has locations around the nation, with 15 locations throughout Houston, so I chose to visit the location on Holcombe Boulevard near Houston’s Medical Center. Leaving the house during COVID-19 was something I thought would be a bigger trigger for my anxiety, but I was pleasantly surprised upon arrival. The Any Lab Test Now team was so safe—they were of course wearing the fashion statement of the year, masks. The facility practiced all of the safety measures needed during COVID-19 and made me feel so comfortable.

Any Labs Now in Houston Medical Center Easy Medical Testing with Cup of Charisma 2
Cup of Charisma Checking in at Any Labs Now Testing Center in Houston Medical Center

After checking in and filling out the required paperwork, which took around five minutes, I was swiftly taken into the lab area. My medical assistant, Maria, explained the entire process thoroughly and brought such a friendly demeanor to the visit. If you are someone who isn’t a fan of needles, the Any Lab Test Now staff makes you feel entirely comfortable from start to finish.

I even told Maria about my tiny veins, a health issue that has plagued me since birth. Truthfully, most doctor’s visits in the past have become a game of pin the tail on the donkey with my veins. Maria was skilled and found my vein on the first try—we were smooth sailing. If that’s any consolation to how well-trained the staff is, you can believe I was extremely impressed. (If you are reading this Maria, you are an MVP!)

In total, I received three tests and one B-12 shot. Any Lab Test Now makes it possible to get a huge selection of labs done. In fact, there are thousands of lab tests offered at the facility. Let’s get into the testing:

Let’s Talk Testing

Cup of Charisma at Any Lab Test Now Houston Medical Center

When looking at the massive lift of offerings on the Any Lab Test Now website, I was amazed by the number of detailed tests available. (When they say “any,” take it literally!) Metabolic, hormones, breast cancer monitoring, heart health panels are just a few of the many options. As a blogger who moonlights as a journalist covering women’s health, I was instantly drawn to the Comprehensive Female Panel.

I’m 31 and have battled with hypothyroidism my whole life. I really appreciated how the Comprehensive Female Panel, which costs $279, targeted hormone imbalances as well as a full picture of health in areas that women need to take into consideration. The test includes blood counts, a metabolic panel with stats on kidney and liver functions, female hormone levels, thyroid, heart health, and nutritional status.

Cup of Charisma- a Houston Lifestyle Blogger - Getting Blood work at Any Lab Test Now Houston Medical Center

I added on a Ferritin Test ($49) at the recommendation of the Any Lab Test Now team. Ferritin correlates with the amount of iron in the body; my mother has an iron deficiency that really disrupts her energy, so I wanted to make sure my iron was in check. I’m also a vegetarian—a.k.a. I am that picky eater you probably don’t want to have over for the holidays. Since I don’t consume meat, which is high in iron, it’s really important for me to know that my levels are in check. Increased ferritin may also be an indicator of infection or inflammation in the body—the more you know!

Blood Test at Any Lab Test Now Houston Medical Center

My next selected test was for Cortisol, a hormone released by the adrenal gland in response to stress. If you follow my Instagram stories, it’s no surprise I am high-key stressed on deadlines. Juggling blogging and journalism during a historical election year and global pandemic has proven to be an overwhelming lifestyle at times. While quarantine has taught me to be in the moment and practice slow living, I’m simultaneously addicted to the “busy” life. Paired with my nature of being what Twitter would call “Very Online,” I don’t give myself many opportunities to unplug.

While cortisol is essential for survival, too much of it can contribute to damage within your body. Increased cortisol can cause hyperglycemia, obesity, decreased bone density, compromised immune response, higher blood pressure, and so much more. I wanted to ensure my cortisol levels weren’t over the top, especially during a stressful year like 2020, so the Cortisol Test ($49) was immediately added to my list.

Last but not least, I added a B-12 injection to my experience. For starters, $20 was far more attainable than any B-12 shot I’ve received in the past so I couldn’t pass it up. Outside of the price point, B-12 plays a vital role in your brain and nervous system. Having optimal vitamin B-12 levels can help increase energy and boost metabolism, among other benefits to your body. The shot was administered in less than a minute flat, making it a simple decision for my health. Click here for an exclusive coupon to get 50% off your next B-12 shot!

Cup of Charisma getting b12 shot at Any Lab Test Now Houston Medical Center

Understanding Your Results

Understanding your test results at Any Lab Test Now Houston Medical Center

One of the best features of my experience at Any Lab Test Now were the rapid results. Within two days, I received an email detailing my lab work with instructions to call Any Lab Test Now with questions regarding the results. I also had the ability to share my primary care physician’s information with Any Lab Test Now so the results could be sent to her as well.

As a content creator, I can say that many of us operate with limited insurance. I am lucky to be on my partner’s plan, but many friends in my pool of creatives don’t have a specific doctor they see regularly. Any Lab Test Now makes health screenings accessible to everyone, regardless of insurance, with affordable pricing and the ability to speak to a professional about your results.

My lab tests were clear-cut and offered valuable information. While all of my tests came back normal, I was easily able to identify that my TSH levels (thyroid levels) were very low. I’ve recently been dealing with a massive intolerance to cold, brain fog, and overall fatigue. I wasn’t sure if it was stress causing it but with my Comprehensive Female Panel, I now know my thyroid medication needs to be adjusted. I really valued the clarity the test provided me.

I’d recommend this service to anyone who is conscious of their time and health. The visit took a mere 15 minutes, was entirely safe, and gave me the knowledge I need to take hold of my health.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that our health is more important than ever. As we are forced to confront our own health and wellbeing, getting as much information you can may help you take the right steps to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

My Testing Center

Feeling empowered to take on your wellness? If you want to visit the testing center I went to, here are the details:

Any Lab Test Now- Medical Center

2282 W. Holcombe Blvd.

Houston, Tx 77030

Medical Assistants: Maria and Reyna

Additional Locations:

Although I loved my Medical Center experience with Maria and Reyna, Any Lab Test Now has a store near you, with 15 locations in Houston, Sugar Land, Rosenberg, Katy, Pearland, League City and Baytown!”

If you have any questions about my time at Any Lab Test Now, please feel free to leave a comment below!

Cup of Charisma preparing for Any Lab Test Now bloodwork at Houston Medical Center Location

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