The Ultimate Guide to Pendant Lighting

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Let there be light! Apartment life has made me accept the status quo of simple home lighting. Our unit’s lighting fixtures are neutral enough to not disrupt our style, but I’ve always eagerly waited for the day I could choose my own pendant lighting. As I plan for my next home, I sought to round up the best pendant lighting I could find. What’s your lighting style?

Types of Pendant Lighting

There is pendant lighting for every personality and vibe. From bohemian rattan baskets to industrial fixtures, the options are endless. Here are some of the best pendant lights in every category:



I love these wicker basket lights to put above a kitchen island. I think the organic feel is such a nice way to add touches of nature and warmth into your home.


One of my closest friends is a fashion designer and her husband is an architect. Whenever I walk into their new townhouse I feel like I’m in some swanky restaurant. The chic industrial vibe paired with Restoration Hardware furniture is a dream.



I adore a glam look, and will totally be splurging on a pendant for my closet in the near future.


Such a fun take on the mid-century modern renaissance.

Farm House

This trend is so chic. I tend to stay more mid-century modern, but I love the farmhouse style homes. Give me farmhouse kitchen lighting and some subway tile, and I’m sold!

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