Everything to Know About Houston’s The Truffle Masters + A Special Code for You

There’s a multitude of things to love about Houston. There’s a reason it’s the epicenter of Southern culture. From the museum district to the symphony, Houston is brimming with life and vibrancy. Of all the things I love about Houston, there’s always one thing that tops the list: the food scene. If you’re a foodie, Houston is THE city to be in. Outside of the expected barbecue, we have critically-acclaimed restaurants and world-class chefs who bring flavor into the loop. If your mouth is watering in agreeance, I bet you’d love the Truffle Masters happening Jan. 27 at the C. Baldwin Hotel. 

If you’re unfamiliar with The Truffle Masters, close your eyes and imagine a ritzy venue filled with dishes from Houston’s greatest chefs. Some would argue it’s the most delicious event of the year. I’ve yet to attend The Truffle Masters, so I’m thrilled to be a partner this year to get the word out and attend the charitable event to experience it first-hand. Hosted by Houston-based luxury food importer and distributor, DR Delicacy, the annual food competition is meant to celebrate one of the world’s oldest delicacies. Can you guess what that is? You bet it’s truffles. 

Let’s dissect The Truffle Masters for what it is: 

About the Truffles 

Photo By Kirsten Gilliam
Photo By Kirsten Gilliam

I remember studying abroad in Florence, Italy, where I tried my first truffle dish. The flavors were absolutely arresting in the way an 18-year-old college student who’d had Chili’s and Wendy’s most of her life feels trying real food for the first time. I’ll never forget how absolutely smitten I was by the pop of flavor. 

Truffles were often eaten by royals during the Renaissance period and still retain some esteem as gourmet food. Fun fact: there was a myth surrounded that people believed they came from the ground after lightning struck the earth. Magic or not, the truffles possess an intoxicating flavor that’s still admired today. 

The Venue

I first wrote about the extravagant, trendy, and feminist-forward C. Baldwin hotel for Modern Luxury magazine last year. The hotel is an ode to Charlotte Baldwin Allen, the woman who helped finance the initial growth of Houston. From the architecture to the amenities, it’s a haunt filled with opulent decor and amenities to love. 

The Competition

Photo By Kirsten Gilliam

Here’s where things heat up. The Truffle Masters will showcase culinary creations by the top talent in Houston’s restaurant community. In its seventh year, guests will be given a taste of fine black truffle dishes created by 25 of Houston’s top chefs who are competing for a winning dish. 

The Why 

Photo by Daniel Ortiz

As you know, Cup of Charisma features partners who are charitable and give back to their communities. I love working with partners in Houston who help to fuel our thriving city. I’m most excited about The Truffle Masters chosen beneficiary, Second Servings of Houston. Second Servings picks up unsold and unserved food from regulated food businesses, such as hotels, distributors, and retailers. The organization then delivers it safely to approved charitable meal sites as a simple solution to curb hunger in Houston. With 1 in 5 people facing food insecurity in Harris County and an estimated 31% of available food going to waste, the organization makes sure to get the food to people who need it most. 

What to Know: 

  • Date: January 27, 2020
  • Location: C. Baldwin

Ticket Levels: 

Use code JILLIAN25 to get a 25% off discount on your tickets to the event! Get yours here.

  • General Admission, $195 – Enjoy truffle-inspired dishes, delicacies, and desserts by participating restaurants and premium beverages, entertainment, a big board auction and raffle from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.
  • VIP, $295 – General Admission + VIP pre-party from 6 to 7 pm to meet the judges, chefs, sponsors, and media, plus admission into the main event and a special VIP gift bag
  • Patron, VIP – General Admission + VIP pre-party from 6 to 7 pm to meet the judges, chefs, sponsors, and media, plus admission into the main event, the Reserved Patron Lounge from 7 to 10 pm with a private vodka and champagne bar, caviar, truffle chocolates, a custom made Patron pin, a special Patron gift bag and valet parking
Photo By Kirsten Gilliam

There are just five days left to get your tickets. Will I see you at the event? Comment below if you’re planning on making it out!


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