Nashville Travel Guide

    Via the Hutton HotelBelieve it or not, Tennessee has a special place in this city girl’s heart. My best friend, Heather, moved to Knoxville during my junior year of high school and it has always been a very foreign but familiar place. I’m not used to Tennessee living and can’t say that I truly know Knoxville like the back of my hand, but one of the most important women in my life lives there and that makes it home. I was so excited to travel to Tennessee with my boyfriend, Brian—he could FINALLY meet Heather and her adorable set of twins. Before we visited her, we knew we had to make one big visit to Nashville, the music capital of the country.

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    Events Social Good

    Via Colori Brings the Colors of the World to Houston

    via-colori-9Community. That word grows in importance to me every day. This year more than ever, I desperately NEED that community – the reassurance that good, caring people walk among us. In a time where negative headlines and difficult news infiltrate our personal bubbles and magnify our echo chambers, it may feel like you need to hold a flashlight through the darkness to find something worth pursuing and contributing. Houston Via Colori® Street Painting Festival, a fundraiser for local nonprofit The Center for Hearing and Speech, brought 25,000 Houstonians together to raise $400,000 on Nov. 19-20. If you needed more reminding that there is good in the world, look no further.

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    Flea Style: A Saturday Well Spent + Lemon Glaze


    As my apartment FINALLY comes together, I’ve been on the hunt for unique pieces to put in out home. Rather than feature modern pieces, much of my home decor is an amalgamation of vintage items and handmade tokens from friends or craft shows. There is something so special about having an artisan’s touch on a product you own. Those pieces carry heart, dedication and hours spent to become a statement piece on your mantle or bookshelf. There is just an energy evoked from handmade goods that no store-bought, mass produced product could ever emulate.

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    Growth & Inspiration

    There’s No Age Limit to Success

    No Age Limit to Success

    The quarter-life crisis.

    Yes, it’s a thing, and no, you don’t have to feel bad about having one.

    Aptly named for the period when you’re a fourth of your way through life, the quarter-life crisis is increasingly common among twenty-somethings. It can be described as a feeling of disappointment, either with yourself or with what you haven’t accomplished yet. You’re anxious about your future, and feel as though you’ll never reach your goals, professionally, romantically, or otherwise.

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    Growth & Inspiration

    My Blogging Break: Busy is Not Successful

    Busy is Not SuccessfulI’m baaaack. If you are on the go and don’t have time to read this podcast, check our the audio file on below.

    No life can be predicted or planned to a T. You move new places, fall in love, hate love, meet new people, fall back in love, travel and catch the trains of opportunities as they fly by in varying routes. Everyone’s path is distinctively their own. I’ve thought about this a lot as I try to find my own train. I get easy distracted, spill my coffee on my map, get lost, and ask all of the bystanders around me which train I’m supposed to catch—as if they know where I belong. In the grand scheme of things, I missed a lot of trains.

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