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Sips and Social Good

Did you know I’m in THREE book clubs? There’s nothing I love more than cracking open a new book and sipping on a glass of wine or whisky. Alison Parc, founder of Brenne Whisky, shares this sentiment. When Brenne reached out to me to try their French Single Malt Whisky, I said cheers!

Brenne reached out to me early this summer with a package that felt made for me. As a lover of all things socially-conscious, I was thrilled to see the elements Allison Parc pulled together to deliver the beautifully-packaged bottle.

Who is Allison Parc?

Photo via Brenne Whisky Facebook Page

Consider Allison Parc today’s #WCW. Allison Parc has worn many hats in life. From prima ballerina to Brenne Whisky founder, she exercises creativity in whatever role she takes on. As Brenne’s site cleverly notes, there is less space between ballet flats and barley fields than you’d think. She created Brenne with a third-generation Cognac maker at a family farm-distillery in Cognac, France. She debuted her now award-winning product in 2012, bringing a new style of French single malt whisky to the world of whisky. Starting on a personal note, Allison self-distributed the first bottles of Brenne via Citi Bike in Manhattan. Love for the product grew, and Brenne is now sold in all major markets and in top bars around the globe

Let’s Talk Whisky

The Brenne Estate Cask is the bottle I tried. Brenne is actually the first Single Malt in the world to be aged in French Limousin oak and Cognac casks. This aging process provides a creamy taste that is pleasantly on the fruity side. Aside from stunning packaging that looks magnificent on a bar cart, the whisky tastes just as good. For those of you who love whisky notes, here is some background that includes notes of tropical fruits and warm spices:

“The whisky has perfumed fruit and French patisserie aromas with creamy and complex sugar notes of rich creme brûlée and burnt caramel. On the palate: notes of banana, tropical fruits, and warm spices like cinnamon and clove.”

The Tote Bag

An adorable tote from To the Market was painted with art by Alana Podreciks, bearing the Brenne Whisky logo. In Alison’s words, she’ll “always have a bottle of Brenne in my bag.” The thoughtful handpainted gift made such a great touch. It was perfect for bringing my books (and Brenne) to my July book club meeting.

The Book

What really drew me to Brenne Whisky as a brand was the fact that Alison is a female owner with such a distinct want to do good in the world. Brenne is seed-to-spirit and organic, so Alison wanted to spread knowledge on the powers consumers have in creating change with their purchases. She paired “Buy the Change You Want to See,” by Jane Mosbacher Morris into the goodie bag. The book had actually been on my radar and reading list for some time, so I was beyond excited to see this gem in my goodie bag! I love shopping sustainable brands from liquor to accessories like my turquoise Akola earrings pictured in this post. Chapter one of the book is all about “wearing your values,” something that is so important on this site and in my life.

I’m so excited to share a few of these products with you in this month’s Social Good Spotlight! Supporting female-founded and socially conscious brands has the power to create a ripple effect in the industries where they need representation. Moral of the story: shop with your heart instead of just your wallet.


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