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30 Positive Affirmations to Live By + PRINTABLE

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Who doesn’t have a bookshelf full of self-help books in their home? We’re all seeking to better ourselves constantly, but life can feel overwhelming when we view it from the scope of our phones. From playing the comparison game on social media to reading the barrage of negative headlines about the state of the world, negativity can feel like it’s invading our personal space and our psyche. It can be hard to be optimistic in a world where politics have become toxic and self-preservation feels futile. I, for one, have felt more down than usual in the last year which is why I’ve resorted to making a constant effort to find happiness where I can. The science behind positive thinking is there, and affirmations might be the key to recharge. 

I’ve written about gratitude journals and morning rituals without end, but one thing in my gratitude journal that always stops me in my tracks is a line to fill in a positive affirmation. I used to really struggle with this area in life, finding that I often felt like a fortune cookie. When I was researching online to learn how to create affirmations that are meaningful, I came across a study that proved these little sentences we construct to make ourselves feel better can actually have a big impact. 

The Science Behind Positive Affirmations

According to studies in Psychology Today, scientist and behavioral care providers have found that self-affirmation reminds people of important aspects of the self, enabling them to view events from a reasonable, considered, and rational viewpoint. This leads to positive outcomes in various areas such as psychological and physical health, education, and social conflicts. 

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I think about this all of the time, as I’ve had friends and family members who have experienced dramatic life shifts when staying positive and anchored during good times and bad. You always hear about medical patients who do better in recovery when thinking positively, people who achieve extreme goals through self-actualization, and those who are just happier because of how they view the world. 

The biggest barrier we have to overcome when practicing positive thought is believing in it. As I mentioned, I felt like my affirmation lines were forced and Buddha-like at the beginning of writing in my gratitude journal. This completely held me back from benefitting from the power of positive thought, and I continued to feel beaten down by the world. 

I started to point out the things I wanted to improve and build upon like poor self-esteem, work ethic, and overall health. Once I identified these areas of improvements, I realized I was the only thing holding me back from making strides in their direction. Affirmations can help you actualize your goals or really just get through the daily grind of the day. 

My List of Positive Affirmations

To get you started on your own path to positive thinking, here are 10 affirmations to live by: 

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  1. I have the power to accomplish everything I need to do today. 
  2. I am enough. 
  3. Everything I do, no matter if it’s a failure or a success, will lead me to where I need to be. 
  4. I am exactly where I need to be. 
  5. I am brave and resilient enough to take on any obstacle in my path. 
  6. My negative thoughts don’t define me, and they are outshined by light. 
  7. I create opportunity and happiness wherever I go. 
  8. I love who I am in my own skin. 
  9. I am beautiful from the inside out. 
  10. I can excel in everything I do with determination, hard work, and bravery. 
  11. I am in control of my thoughts, feelings, and choices. 
  12. I am the only person who can decide who I am, who I become, and where I go from here. 
  13. I will attract great things by being my most authentic self. 
  14. What I love most about myself is [fill in the blank]. 
  15. I give myself space to breathe in this moment and recognize there is beauty in life’s pauses. 
  16. If I fall, I will rise up with wisdom and strength. 
  17. My past doesn’t define my future; every day is a fresh start with a new beginning to make my own. 
  18. I am creatively inspired by my surroundings and life is my canvas.
  19. I am capable of coloring outside the lines and living boldly. 
  20. On the path to the person I am becoming, I still love the person I am. 
  21. I have the power to make an impact in the world. 
  22. I am a trustworthy friend who shows up. 
  23. I am grateful to wake up healthy and whole today. 
  24. I give myself the care and attention I need to thrive. 
  25. I love my body and everything it is capable of doing. 
  26. I am deserving of abundance in my life. 
  27. I deserved to love and be loved. 
  28. I will be fearless today. 
  29. I wake up each morning feeling empowered. 
  30. My potential is limitless. 

Happy growing, friends!

Outfit Details

In this blog post, I’m wearing a Tropical Floral Watercolor Maxi Dress that was sent to me by Chicwish. I love how flowy this dress is! It’s perfect for practicing your twirl. It’s wonderful for a weekend brunch dress or even an elevated social event like a daytime wedding. I paired it with a few of my social good favorites: a set of Akola earrings which are now carried at Nordstrom, and an Altru Staw Tote bag from my Summer Causebox. Causebox created the bag and partnered with global and local charities to protect and conserve our beaches, oceans, and marine life through research and educational programs,

Positive Affirmations to Live By - Chicwish Floral Maxi Dress for Summer - Jillian Goltzman, Cup of Charisma Houston Lifestyle Blog 10

Dress (c/o Chicwish) // Earrings (different color) // Sunglasses (similar)

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Positive Affirmations to Live By - Chicwish Floral Maxi Dress for Summer - Jillian Goltzman, Cup of Charisma Houston Lifestyle Blog 9
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