Best Swimsuits for Summer

    The Best Swimsuits Trends for Summer

    We are a blink away from summer, so it’s time to stock up on swimsuits! Between you and me, I’m a total fan of fall and winter but I know that a summer swimsuit is always a staple to have on hand. Houston’s pool season is going to heat up, so choosing an affordable and trend-focused option for summer it a priority on my seasonal shopping list. While I chipped away at researching the perfect swimsuit for myself, I wanted to make a list of the best swimsuits for summer that I’ve come across. I’ve rounded up my favorite summer trends, including some size inclusive and sustainable options. At the bottom of this blog, I’ve gathered more than 30 of the best swimsuits for summer. Happy tanning!

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    Tackling No-Tox Beauty with Cosmetic Acupuncture

    Happy Monday, friends! Consider today a #NoMakeupMonday because I’m excited to share my latest beauty obsession. I had the chance to visit Modern Acupuncture in River Oaks Shopping Center for cosmetic acupuncture in celebration of National No Makeup Day on April 26. It’s no secret that I love finding the latest anti-aging trends to try, so I immediately jumped at the opportunity to get in the chair and “tingle.”

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    REVIEW: My New Secret to Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails

    Let’s get real: beauty is more than makeup and outward appearances. I’ve always felt that our beauty lies in our health and natural qualities. Over the years, I’ve strived to find a skin routine that works for me and a hair regimen that makes my locks shine, but only recently did I realize that nourishing our body plays such an important role. Over the last six weeks, I’ve taken Ionicell® for Women and have dived into a deeper approach to health and beauty.

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    5 Lessons I Wish I Knew Before Graduation

    Smiling nervously, fidgeting my honors cords, holding onto my cap for dear life, and trying to focus on not trip on my royal blue gown, I anticipated the snap of the camera as my graduation announcer read my name. As I got off the stage steps and filed back into line with the rest of my classmates waiting to toss up our hats, I was riding a high. Underneath my wide smile and beaming eyes, I looked side to side at the other graduates and realized one thing: we all had no idea what the future would hold.

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