The Best Floral Dresses Under $50

    Pink Long Sleeve Floral Dress - Cup of Charisma - Floral Dresses Under 50 -4

    Florals for spring? Groundbreaking. While florals might be the most suspected pattern of the season, it’s also the most tried-and-true. First date? Florals. Sunday brunch? Florals. Meeting the parents? Well, duh, florals. Without fail, floral dresses continue to dominate the spring and summer season in the most darling of ways. This seasonal trend doesn’t have to break the bank and there are plenty of stunning floral dresses under $50.

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    Social Good WCW

    Starting a Social Good Movement with The Kind Coalition

    Natalie McKearin Interview - The Kind Coalition - Cup of Charisma 3

    Words matter. Whether we realize it or not, the way we speak to and treat others can have a tremendous effect on both our lives and theirs. As society gets more divided and our politics get more divisive, kindness is more crucial than ever before. The world is craving it, and it’s our time to deliver. I had the opportunity to connect with Natalie McKearin, founder of The Kind Coalition. Her clothing brand is a social good movement that not only promotes the importance of kindness but also donates 50% of the proceeds to anti-bullying organizations.

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    Life Style

    7 Ways to Support Women

    Hey girl,

    Here’s a reminder that you are worthy of everything you get in life. If you clicked on this post, you came here to get tips on empowering women which makes you an empowered woman. You’re a hardworking, compassionate, kind, and talented BOSS. As you embark into the world and lift up other women through your actions, I hope you know how lucky I feel to connect with you on this platform. Now, let’s work together to benefit humankind. Today, I’m sharing 10 ways to support women in the world. Will you join me?

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    WCW: Interview with Amanda Kloots

    One lesson I’ve learned as a woman is that putting your goals at center stage is necessary to achieve your dreams. Amanda Kloots sets the example of what you can achieve when you become the star of your own show. The former Broadway dancer and Rockette persisted to the top in a highly competitive field and went on to use her talents to develop her brand. As a celebrity trainer and CEO of her own fitness business, Amanda Kloots uses her determination to teach women how to empower themselves through fitness.

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