9 Best Winter Coats Under $60

affordable winter coats from modcloth

You know the feeling you get when you’re bemused enough to forget something important and don’t realize what is is until you need it most? Gas. Car keys. The Monday morning coffee to get you through your meetings. Well, Houston dipped into the 30s this week and I quickly realized that I’ve neglected winter wear for far too long. Living in Florida my whole life, I dreamed about the day I could move to a new city and own a set of winter clothes. In fact, I tested out my limited scarf collection every time Miami dipped into the 60s. My sweater weather stock is disparate to the rest of my wardrobe, with only two pairs of jeans and a measly gray winter coat.

After spending far too much time fixating on the winter coats around me, I had no chance but to broaden my search for the perfect coat and expand my collection. Don’t get me wrong, Houston isn’t the arctic but we have our fair share of freezing temperatures sans snow. I wanted a coat that was fashionable but not too heavy. Since I’ll be wearing it for only a few months, I also didn’t want to dish out a full paycheck on a high-end item. ModCloth, one of my all-time favorite sites that I rarely get to buy from, is having a SUPER sale… 70% off to be precise. I was able to snag two perfect, affordable coats. While I couldn’t buy my entire wish list, I’m sharing my favorite winter coats under $60 today. Don’t forget to tell me your favorite in the comments section!


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