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5 Handbags to Help Humanity

Angela and roi

Despite popular belief, baggage isn’t always a negative thing. We drag the idea of baggage with us like an all consuming burden the moment life gives us a reminder that things don’t always go as planned. It makes its way into budding relationships, rears its head when you’re all alone and taps you on the shoulder every time you trigger an old memory. “Hey, remember me? I’m still here. Don’t you love obsessing over me?” So rather than acknowledge these conjured weights that mentally strain us, let’s drop the metaphorical baggage and focus on the literal kind for a change. Sometimes the things we carry can be light-hearted enough to lift you up. In honor of scratching the “baggage” blues, I’ve rounded up the top five charitable handbags you need in your closet.


Angela Roi 

angela and roi 2

The Bag: V Chain Crossbody in Pink

The Cause: How cool is this? The color bag you choose controls the cause you donate to. In this case, 5% of this pink crossbody goes to breast cancer research and awareness partners. Other featured causes include diabetes (gray), childhood cancer (yellow), HIV/AIDS (red), and depression (green)… just to name a few.




The Bag: Waxed Canvas Go-To Bag

The Cause: Hunger is a daily reality of 805 million people in the world and FEED is fighting to end that stark statistic. FEED products go toward improving access to nutritious food in vulnerable communities around the world.




The Bag: Saffron Seamed Leather Cadence Crossbody

The Cause: TOMS contributed to health and education for impoverished children around the world through the Buy One, Give One model and more.


Matt and Nat

matt and nat

The Bag: Acadia in Chili

The Cause: Being inspired by MAT(T)erial and NATure, the brand focuses on using only sustainable materials.


Market Colors

polished medallion

The Bag: Polished Medallion Clutch in Teal, $36

Cause: Market Colors main focus is to provide poor families in Africa with work through craftsmanship


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