Pageboy: An App to Abolish Bad Hair Days



Bed head, helmet hair, and “flat as a board” tresses…there are a LOT of things that can go wrong with a woman’s hair. Take it from me, the girl who can write a memoir¬†filled with the uneventful tales of my lifeless locks. As someone who rarely¬†has time to fidget with round brushes and curling irons, I find my hair to be vapidly flat and a little sad. If you’re reading this and nodding¬†your head in agreement, hope is NOT lost. Meet Pageboy, the app to end all bad hair days.

Phone apps are life savers¬†‚ÄĒ think hard and read on before you call me totally hyperbolic. Uber provides a safe form of transportation¬†to get you home¬†in the instance of having too much to drink. Find My iPhone tracks down your precious, lost cell phone (as if it even leaves your side).¬†Now let’s talk¬†Pageboy, a Houston-based app that is the quintessential¬†fairy godmother of phone apps.¬†With just a few simple taps, you can book a stylist to come to your home¬†and provide the ultimate blowout at only $65.

I was beyond excited¬†when I learned that Houston would be getting a beauty app as convenient as Pageboy. Having just moved “into the loop” of Houston, a.k.a. the heart of this massive city I now call home, I’m constantly finding events to attend and new places to see.¬†So what’s the¬†perplexity of striving to become¬†a budding Houston socialite? Having to look put together for starters. I’m usually running around frantically or glued to my computer screen ‚ÄĒ on most days I’m lucky if I remember to put on lip gloss. Pageboy’s wonderful stylist, Anna, didn’t know what she was walking into the day she pulled up to my apartment. Cue¬†Operation Hot Mess Express, which she handled oh-so-gracefully.

My stylist was prompt, sweet and willing to offer her hair recommendations. Prior to meeting your stylist, you’re able to select your look within the app. A few of my favorites are¬†“The Bouncer,” “Controlled Curls,” and “The Straight Wave.” Not feeling a blowout? There’s also fishtail braids, messy buns, and ponies to explore. One of the best features is the ability to create your own look with the “Yours Truly” option. Lastly, the “Pagette” caters to customers 12 and under ‚ÄĒ fantastic for women planning a mother-daughter date. (This does not apply to me, as I’m a proud dog mom struggling enough to give her 3-year-old corgi the world.)

After hearing “oh my god, your hair is amazing” for 12 hours straight, I was deeply saddened when my blowout finally caved and my locks reverted to their “meh”-mentality. The compliments were like a drug and I’ve suddenly become addicted to this beautiful, on-demand beauty commodity. Must. Have. Volume.

Skip a trip to a Dry Bar and take a page from my Lazy Girl’s Guide to Life. Do yourself a favor and download the Pageboy app here.







A special thank you to Pageboy for providing me with such a stellar surprise. This was truly a sweet way to spend my 26th birthday.



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