The Hub Stores Brings European Glamour to the 305


Photo courtesy of The Hub Stores.


You don’t have to hop on a plane to Italy to experience la dolce vita. The sweet life can be found in the heart of South Beach at the Hub Stores, a multi-brand concept store basking in all things European.

Fashion, fine art and food merge together in the charming retail space located in the Franklin Hotel. The Hub Stores features curated home décor, art and clothing as well as The Hub Café, a gourmet coffee shop and eatery.

Sartorial enthusiasts will be whisked away by Italian craftsmanship without having to leave the 305. Fashion brand lshikawa encapsulates euro-chic street style while Miss Bikini Luxe transports shoppers to the cerulean beaches of Sardinia. Vintage foragers would be remiss to ignore the bevy of fine handbags available at LXR&CO. Louis Vuitton, Dior, Chanel — that’s amore.

While visiting, you may not see Michaelangelo’s David but there’s certainly eye candy.Hausammann Gallery brings its Cortina roots to South Beach with contemporary pieces from established artists on display. Milanese fashion photographer Gianluca Bucci’s exhibition also features eye-catching imagery. At MADinItaly, Nadine Curmi Borgomanero handpicks every piece of Italian furniture and décor. Italian style is meant to be “colorful, comfy, modern and casual,” she says.

Borgomanero‘s shop must constantly evolve to showcase cutting-edge products and offer interior design consulting to support the influx of The Hub Stores’ shoppers. “The crowd changes all of the time,” Borgomanero says. “Most are tourists with vacation homes in Miami so there’s constantly new people — mostly from Europe.”

Other shops at The Hub Stores include a gallery by photographer Roberta de Paoli and one-of-a-kind jewelry from designer Guja Du Chene De Vere. Before you say “ciao,” make sure to cap off your shopping experience at The Hub Café with an obligatory Italian cappuccino.

This article was authored by Jillian Goltzman for Miami.com.


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