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A Statement (Necklace) to Save a Life: Win a HALF UNITED Necklace


What would you think if I told you your necklace could make more than one statement? HALF UNITED is putting a true definition behind the “statement” necklace.

If you’re looking for jewelry with a bang, you’ve come to the right place. HALF UNITED was founded by siblings Carmin and Christian Black, who both believe that hunger is the #1 health risk internationally. Using recycled bullet casings to represent the fight hunger, the brand has created a full line of jewelry and apparel with half its proceeds going to organizations providing meals, education and resources to children.

For us, food is such a simple concept—even an expectation.  We’re either hungry or we’re satisfied. We eat or we don’t. We want pizza or we want pad thai. Nothing is ever so daunting. The confusions we face generally comply with fad diets and nutritional plans. With fully stocked fridges and an abundance of options, rarely do we ponder where our next meal will come from. More than 925 million people worldwide are hungry and uncertain of when they’ll eat again.

After interning at TOMS, the socially conscious shoemaker, Carmin felt inspired to help solve world hunger and enlisted her brother for help. Having started their business with only $200 given to them by their mother, the two took DIY projects to a new level. Spray painting “half” or a simple letter H on coffee mugs and Dollar Store china, Carmin and Christian began to sell items at craft fairs. The long hours and make shift mugs turned into a growing movement to conquer world hunger together. Once the bullet was identified as their symbol, business swiftly grew. HALF UNITED has given over 113 thousand meals to children in the U.S., Madagascar, Fiji and Cambodia since 2010. The movement is exemplary of the extraordinary things that a simple idea built on passion can do for others.

The collection is creatively fused with hex nuts, bullet casings, and Swarovski crystals with a full line of men’s and women’s bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. In all of life’s situations, we should always let our sparkle speak volumes.

Enter to Win a HALF UNITED Necklace! Click Here: a Rafflecopter giveaway

It’s inspiring to see a brand putting the “statement” in statement jewelry. To help Carmin and Christian’s fight and provides meals to children in need, I’m giving away a Jude HALF UNITED Necklace. Click the link to visit my RaffleCopter giveaway. A winner will be announced on Nov. 6!

In the meantime, get inspired by these amazing pieces and join HALF UNITED’s email list. Five meals will be donated on your behalf!

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