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    Sheepishly awkward, athletically inept, and easy to find eating my lunch in the art room, I did not rise to high school fame. At 24-years-old, I could care less about my high school years, so why dedicate a post to school essentials?

    As a social do-gooder, there are some staunch inequalities between brands that gain attention and those that need it. We all know brands that are socially responsible for the sake of building community trust, but little do we hear about brands built completely on charitable pursuits. More brands are creating philanthropic fashions that can restructure the lives of others. From the bags to school supplies, achieving socially conscious style is simple.

    The Bag: stone + cloth


    To carry not only knowledge, but the future of another human being is an inspiring motivator we should instill into the education system each day. It took the highest peak in Africa to make Matthew Clough, stone+cloth’s founder, realize his mission to educate the world’s youth. After finding out that the Tanzanian man who kindly helped him climb to the top of the peak was so impoverished that he could never send his children to school, Clough was astounded by the scarcity of opportunities and the emergent social issues. The statistics weren’t pretty… they still aren’t. Over one billion people in the world cannot read a book or sign their name. More than 130 million children don’t even have access to an education.

    Joining efforts with Knock Foundation, a nonprofit near the foothills of Kilimanjaro, stone+cloth provide school scholarships to children in need. Stone+cloth’s trendy utility bags make it simple to “carry an education” for someone else on your shoulders.

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    National Thrift Store Day Meets Miami

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    Sifting through rack after rack, crawling on your knees through bins of vinyl, and weening out magic from piles of old Dungarees — thrifting isn’t for the feint of heart. The magical appeal of scouring the city for the perfect vintage finds isn’t glamorous, but exhilarating. It’s about finding that one unique item that will be an ongoing conversation piece, an exclamation point to your everyday look. Each piece has a tale from the past that you’re amplifying. National Thrift Store Day is a celebration of vintage and an appreciation of the past; it’s a day for style storytellers.

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    8 Lessons In Long-Distance Love

    photo 1One year ago, I was hesitant to start a relationship at all, let alone a long-distance one. After a tumultuous breakup that resembled a World War, I took a hiatus from exercising my poor choice in men and embarked on a personal project. With somewhat of an “Eat, Pray, Love” mindset, a handful of unappealing first dates, and a library of female-focused literature of the “Lean In” variety, I was bent on staying single.

    While my persistence was focused on solidarity, I had a suitor who was just as determined. He was intelligent, extremely accomplished, driven, and ridiculously kind; his level of morality soared far above the bar my last relationship set. It all sounds flawless, but he was 1,000 miles away from being perfect. Continue Reading


    For the Record: Kishi Bashi

    Courtesy of NPR

    Courtesy of NPR

    Genre: Read on…

     Favorite Tracks: “Atticus in the Desert,” “Q&A,” “Chester’s Burst All Over the Hamptons,” “Manchester” and “It All Began with a Burst”

    Everything that defines conventionalism is everything that Kishi Bashi lacks. He is irrefutably the most unique performer I’ve ever seen live, unparagoned by a majority of artists in his genre – or should I say realm? See, Kishi Bashi has created his own superlative with a genuine sound that is difficult to categorize. You can try to frame it into indie, psychedelic, electro pop, but after much debate you’ll only be settling.

    K. Ishibashi (known as Kishi Bashi), previously in Jupiter One and Of Montreal, has the potential to push the bounds of musicality. TEDMED couldn’t have put it better: “Like the words that inspire him, ichi-go ichi-e – each moment is unique – Kishi Bashi’s multilayered violin-techno-pop music is truly one of a kind.” This may sound slightly hyperbolic, but I’m over the moon about this artist and here’s why:

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