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    Why Women Need to Stop Bashing Women (A Love Letter to Lena Dunham)


    66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - ArrivalsAward show after award show, I’ve come to learn that when you roll out the red carpet, you roll out the criticisms of every audience member. This week’s VMAs and Emmys were a back-to-back tennis match of “who wore what” jargon. I’m all for highlighting the best red carpet looks and I might make a remark about a dress I didn’t love here and there, but while scrolling through the comment sections of many articles I was astounded to find criticisms that ran deep. When will we realize that shaming other women with derogatory language and crude comments is scrapping at the bottom of the barrel of civility?

    I follow sites like Buzzfeed religiously and I expect the discussion area to be filled with a mixture of thoughtful, brilliant, lewd and idiotic remarks. Forums are meant for debates – that’s just a fact. I was pretty disturbed to find some of the horrendous things girls are saying about Lena Dunham’s eye-catching Giambattista Valli ensemble. I say eye-catching in the best sense of the word because while I will agree with the some of the wittier Twitter comments bantering about things Lena Dunham looked like (including a beautiful ombre wedding cake), she was bold in her decision and felt comfortable in it. As she stated herself on Twitter, the dress “looks like cake and feels like sweatpants.” Some of the comments are embarrassing for women who are actually trying to better each other and carry the feminist movement rather than stunt its growth.


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    Tales of a Body Confidence Week Dropout


    Body shaming; From overanalyzing our bone structure to punishing ourselves for putting on water weight, self-criticism is something that is predominant and frightening in most women. As I write to you, I’m tempted to tell you that I’m currently guilty of drinking two glasses of wine and noshing on Ghirardelli squares. When it comes down to it, “guilty” is the most trivial adjective I could select, so why does it seem so natural to say?

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    Black and white exudes classicism and grace, therefore, I have an excuse to have a closet full of monochrome. It’s an accumulation of style reminiscent of big city nights, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, mod glam, Paris nouvelle, New York Times, and the 1920s; black and white is a beautiful muted foreground of opportunity. I’m guilty of straying away from color and often opting for flattering black pieces, but there is something about the neutrality of black that always has me wanting more. Mod-inspired and fun, this look gave a playful nod to 1960. When working with a monochromatic palette, I recommend a statement necklace on a high neckline to add contrast and brings attention to your face. Remember to smile while sparkling!


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    Styling for Social Good 101

    Sheepishly awkward, athletically inept, and easy to find eating my lunch in the art room, I did not rise to high school fame. At 24-years-old, I could care less about my high school years, so why dedicate a post to school essentials?

    As a social do-gooder, there are some staunch inequalities between brands that gain attention and those that need it. We all know brands that are socially responsible for the sake of building community trust, but little do we hear about brands built completely on charitable pursuits. More brands are creating philanthropic fashions that can restructure the lives of others. From the bags to school supplies, achieving socially conscious style is simple.

    The Bag: stone + cloth


    To carry not only knowledge, but the future of another human being is an inspiring motivator we should instill into the education system each day. It took the highest peak in Africa to make Matthew Clough, stone+cloth’s founder, realize his mission to educate the world’s youth. After finding out that the Tanzanian man who kindly helped him climb to the top of the peak was so impoverished that he could never send his children to school, Clough was astounded by the scarcity of opportunities and the emergent social issues. The statistics weren’t pretty… they still aren’t. Over one billion people in the world cannot read a book or sign their name. More than 130 million children don’t even have access to an education.

    Joining efforts with Knock Foundation, a nonprofit near the foothills of Kilimanjaro, stone+cloth provide school scholarships to children in need. Stone+cloth’s trendy utility bags make it simple to “carry an education” for someone else on your shoulders.

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    Events Style

    National Thrift Store Day Meets Miami

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    Sifting through rack after rack, crawling on your knees through bins of vinyl, and weening out magic from piles of old Dungarees — thrifting isn’t for the feint of heart. The magical appeal of scouring the city for the perfect vintage finds isn’t glamorous, but exhilarating. It’s about finding that one unique item that will be an ongoing conversation piece, an exclamation point to your everyday look. Each piece has a tale from the past that you’re amplifying. National Thrift Store Day is a celebration of vintage and an appreciation of the past; it’s a day for style storytellers.

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