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    30 Positive Affirmations to Live By + PRINTABLE

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    Who doesn’t have a bookshelf full of self-help books in their home? We’re all seeking to better ourselves constantly, but life can feel overwhelming when we view it from the scope of our phones. From playing the comparison game on social media to reading the barrage of negative headlines about the state of the world, negativity can feel like it’s invading our personal space and our psyche. It can be hard to be optimistic in a world where politics have become toxic and self-preservation feels futile. I, for one, have felt more down than usual in the last year which is why I’ve resorted to making a constant effort to find happiness where I can. The science behind positive thinking is there, and affirmations might be the key to recharge. 

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    How to Make the Switch to Natural Deodorant

    How to Make the Switch to Natural Deodorant - Cup of Charisma, Houston Lifestyle and Beauty Blog

    “But I hate to sweat,” are words I’ve muttered on repeat when questioning whether it was time to make the leap to natural deodorant. While it feels like all of my friends have made the swap to a more natural lifestyle, I have clung to antiperspirants out of fear of being the smelliest girl at the party. Yes, there is a small period of adjustment when switching to natural deodorant, and research shows the awkward phase of detoxing is well worth it. When you dig deep into the science behind deodorant, an all-natural method has far more pros than cons. 

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    How to Keep Your Skin Healthy During Summer Travel

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    Travel is an inspiring and enlightening experience but that doesn’t hide one truth: travel can wreak havoc on your skin. Summer weather conditions are an especially harsh time. While being on an exotic beach is compelling, the sun that beams down is less satisfactory. I’ve narrowed my travel skincare routine to a science, trying to find the keys to keep skin healthy during summer travel. Similar to my winter skincare guide, summer comes with a unique set of challenges and requires customized treatment. Continue Reading

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    8 Amazing Dresses for Summer Vacation

    While summertime heat is brutal, fashion is my favorite. I love whimsical maxi dresses and bright patterns but rarely get a chance to be so bold and colorful during the year. When it comes to traveling during summer months, a portable wardrobe is key. Today I’m sharing eight amazing dresses for summer vacation that can easily fit in your suitcase without hassle. Continue Reading

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    50 Meaningful Conversation Starters

    There is one question that’s always on the tip of our tongues in countless places. At the bar, the networker,  and the casual blind date, the words slip out before we have a chance to retract and think of anything more compelling. Four bland words punctuated by a question to feign interest: “What do you do?” In a world where we are so driven by what others do for a living, I think there is an opportunity to use our conversation starters to discover who people are deep down.  Continue Reading