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    Inspire Saturday: Meet The Givve Collection CEO Ashley Howell


    It’s been a busy month on Cup of Charisma! With a big move underway, I can finally share with you a new program kicking off with an incredible woman. The Inspire Saturday series will feature interviews with leading inspirational women around the country. The first in our series in none other than Ashley Howell, Founder and CEO of The Givve Collection. I’m a gigantic fan of social good, so when I came across Givve Collection last year I knew I needed to track down its founder and pick her brain for inspiration. Ashley started her project through a  simple dream and watched it flourish. She worked tireless to curate a website making socially-conscious style attainable in one easy platform.

    The Givve Collection takes a simple approach to create a global impact. The site, which I’ve fallen in love with time and time again, carries charitable fashion products all in one location. You can curate your own Givve List, browse trendy accessories and clothing — you can even shop by cause! Ashley’s journey to begin Givve is an intriguing one. Let the first Inspire Saturday begin! Continue Reading


    The Thing About Taking Chances


    When it comes to life, you’ll never hear me say “everything happens for a reason,” “it’s a sign,” and “when one door closes another opens.” The truth is simple: we forge our own paths, choose our destinations, and make things happen. Whether right or wrong, our intuition steers us like a compass and helps us realize that the only way to move forward is to leap. As I tell you the big news that brought you here, I’m trying to inhale and exhale accordingly! In two weeks, I’ll be packing up my 2008 Hyundai Tiburon and embarking on trip to Houston, Texas — a permanent one! I can’t say that everything happens for a reason, but I can tell you that life is capriciously awe-inspiring.

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    Write On! Wynwood Letterpress Opens with Handmade Charm




    All photos courtesy of Wynwood Letterpress.


    If you get more gratification from sealing an envelope than hitting the “send” button, Miami’s got a new haven for you. Wynwood Letterpress, a custom stationery and invitation shop, is a typographer’s dream. More original than a Hallmark 2.0, the hip letterpress carries accessories and paper goods that pack a quipping punch line. Continue Reading


    #ChooseBeautiful: Why Dove’s Campaign Makes Confidence Contagious


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    Architecturally speaking, a door is a merely a structure; sounds simple, right?

    Call us metaphorical or a tad melodramatic, but we do anything but objectify this rectangular passageway that gets us from one side of life to the other.

    From locking away the past to choosing a new future, we make doors our allegorical playground each day we’re faced with a decision.

    Dove’s recent #ChooseBeautiful campaign inspires women to choose a door with a title that resonates with them most, sparking a not-so-surprising reality check.

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