Cozy Up in TOMS + Target

    toms women-look-1From Altazurra to Jason Wu, every fashion follower is well-versed with the Target partnership routine. Wake up at the crack of dawn, exhale caffeine, drive full speed to your local Target, dash towards womenswear, relentlessly fight for every piece in your size, snap a pic as social media proof that you’ve succeeded, and repeat. Target is bringing on yet another collaboration and while this one isn’t a coveted runway phenomenon, it’s surely an important more.

    TOMS, the clothing line that has won our hearts with simplistic (and outrageously comfortable) footwear, has announced a new partnership with Target to launch in stores on Nov. 16. Continue Reading


    ’60s Style Staples

    Sixties Style Staples

    Embellished flat

    PUR moisturizing lipstick

    I usually enjoy infused a touch of the past into my everyday look. While ’60s fashion is trending for fall, it’s been no stranger to my wardrobe. I fell in love with this Alice + Olivia dress and value the vintage-appeal of the ultimately lighthearted and quirky brand. Paired with Freyrs’ round sunnies and ModCloth flats, the entire ensemble is a mod-inspired bliss. An orange lip and heavy cat eye can help transition your makeup into a different decade. Tip for using the Stila eyeliner: separate the cat eye stroke into different shapes and connect for a perfect line. Check out this useful tutorial on Cosmo here.
    What’s your favorite era to revive in your wardrobe?

    Summoning My Inner Carrie Bradshaw in NYC


    Hi friends — it’s been awhile! I’ve been experiencing some tough times, so outfit shoots and wordy posts have been far less frequent. While on a major quest for happiness, I thought of the one place that gives me such light. New York City has always been my home without ever being a home. In fact, I’m currently staring at a mural of New York on the wall of my Florida home. Selecting a place to spend my 25th birthday was simple… it was NYC or bust! Continue Reading


    6 Things About Calling Off Your Wedding (And Any Major Relationship)


    By Jillian Goltzman

    There is a period in life when kiss cams and superfluous flash mobs are absolutely normal, your Pinterest boards are practical, and your home is a warehouse for mason jars and potpourri — it’s called the Twilight Zone of marriage.

    When you take a break from cake tastings, weddings are not to be taking lightly. Somewhere in the vast world of relationships, there is a segmented group of couples still deciding if they made the right decision. Continue Reading


    5 Facepalms of Urban Outfitters


    Urban Outfitters, known for its try-hard snark, has once again enraged the Internet with yet another display of tastelessness. The brand released a “vintage” Kent State University sweatshirt adorned with red speckles. This wouldn’t be alarming if Kent State University wasn’t the home of the 1970 massacre in which the National Guard killed four students and injured nine during the Vietnam War protests. This also wouldn’t be alarming if the red “vintage” speckles didn’t bear an obvious resemblance to blood. Alas, we’re yet again offended and should we be surprised?

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