Talking Interiors with #RICHKID Roxy Sowlaty

    Photo Courtesy of Roxy Sowlaty

    Photo Courtesy of Roxy Sowlaty

    Some guilty pleasures are worth holding onto. What’s ours? Addictive reality television and far too many hashtags. E! Networks’ #RICHKIDS of Beverly Hills is the living testament of Beverly Hills, 90210, documenting the stories of young real-life millionaires — even billionaires. We had the chance to chat with interior designer and #RICHKIDS star Roxy Sowlaty about home décor, spring trends and the luxuries of living in one of America’s most coveted zip codes.

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    11 Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day

    You're invited!Happy International Women’s Day! I’m thankful to have crossed paths with each of you and to celebrate our importance together. We ARE important; we efficaciously bring life to the world we live in and make it a better place in so many ways. International Women’s Day carries a new theme each year and 2015 is the year to “Make It Happen.”  If you think this is just a day to bake a cake and chat lady parts, you’re missing the mark. If you think “Why are we entitled to a gender-specific day?” then hear me out.

    We’ve come a great distance as women since the first International Women’s Day in 1909, but there is still a significant amount of change to be had. We need this day for many reasons. So shall we ask why?

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    West Elm Dadeland + Kate Spade Saturday

    westelm small

    Believe it or not, before a few weeks ago I had never been to West Elm. Now that my home is covered in fresh new succulents and a new West Elm duvet, I can vouch for my new obsession. I recently attended a blogger brunch at West Elm Dadeland for the special launch of the Kate Spade Saturday collection. The collection is ultra-vibrant and bright, exuding the many layers of the Saturday brand. Distinctively known for its signature use of yellow, Kate Spade Saturday is filled with primary colors that standout in any home environment. The brand’s take on modern florals, somewhat of a fauvist display of flowers, is my favorite print in the collection. Continue Reading

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    Meet the New Cup of Charisma


    Welcome to the new and improved Cup of Charisma!

    From site crashes to CSS for Dummies, I’ve spent the last month redesigning my blog and revamping my message. (Here’s the secret: it’s all about you.) I’ve always been extremely passionate about social causes and finding my purpose in the world. I might spend 20% of my time stuck in my closet conjuring new looks, but what am I doing with that other 80%? The truth is for awhile I had no idea. All I knew is that I had so much energy for life and nowhere to channel it.

    That yearning to find a space to call my own was the idea behind Cup of Charisma. I was filled with not just thoughts, but questions. You know the inner monologue… What’s my 5-year-plan? How can I make rent? Should I move to a new city? Will my parents be my roommates forever? How many engagement photos will it take before I crack? Maybe I should go to grad school? Is everyone more successful in their careers than me? And the kicker: What impact am I meant to make?

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