Finding Optimism with a Fresh Perspective

    This post was sponsored by Frost Bank and all opinions are my own. Thank you to the brands who make Cup of Charisma possible.

    Optimism is a powerful thing. Something as simple as wearing a smile can spark a chain reaction in the people surrounding you. If you have the power to carry your happiness where ever you go and share it with others, what would prevent you from doing anything other than that. The truth is that optimism is a gift, and sometimes it’s a conscious effort. Living an optimistic life can be a matter of shifting to fresh perspectives and becoming a “glass half full” kind of person. As someone who is constantly striving for happiness and positivity, I’m so excited to partner with Frost Bank to share how I’m opting for optimism in 2019.

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    Shaping Communities: The Story of Providence St. Joseph Health

    What would our community be without medical experts? We may only encounter hospitals when in dire need, but it doesn’t change the fact that these institutions offer life-saving resources 24 hours a day. Hospitals play such an integral role in society, and Providence St. Joseph Health (PSJH) is one hospital that is reaching beyond its operating rooms and into its communities.

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    5 Unique Beauty Hacks with Palmer’s Cocoa Butter

    What if I told you there’s one beauty product that has 101 uses? This is not a drill, gals! I’ve used cocoa butter for years on stretch marks and scars, but I recently learned how incredible resourceful I could be by using this product. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula has been around since 1840 and is a jar brimming with opportunities. I put the substance to the test, and I’m so excited to report that I have five special beauty hacks with Palmer’s Cocoa Butter to share with you!

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    5 Ways to Give Back on Valentine’s Day

    Modcloth Red Heart Peter Pan Collar Dress - Cup of Charisma 1

    Valentine’s Day is a hotly debated subject amongst my friends. There are those of us who relish in the candy grams and flowers, while others would rather ditch Cupid completely. It took me awhile to learn this, but Valentine’s Day is about love — all kinds of love. It doesn’t matter if you’re single or in a relationship, the holiday is just another reason to spread your love. Love is boundless and can be with more than your significant other, but your community. With so many people in need, it’s the perfect opportunity to give back on Valentine’s Day to those who could use the love.

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    10 Motivational Podcasts for 2019 + New Year Target Giveaway

    There’s a reason why everyone in your life has their headphones on at all times. From your device to the buds in our ear, thousands of podcasts are being consumed on the hour and are resonating with listeners around the world. When I’m not listening to a tech or true crime show, you can find me listening to self-help and motivational podcasts. The portability allows me to not only learn but feel human connection when I’m getting through the day.

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