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    A Statement (Necklace) to Save a Life: Win a HALF UNITED Necklace


    What would you think if I told you your necklace could make more than one statement? HALF UNITED is putting a true definition behind the “statement” necklace.

    If you’re looking for jewelry with a bang, you’ve come to the right place. HALF UNITED was founded by siblings Carmin and Christian Black, who both believe that hunger is the #1 health risk internationally. Using recycled bullet casings to represent the fight hunger, the brand has created a full line of jewelry and apparel with half its proceeds going to organizations providing meals, education and resources to children. Continue Reading


    Handmade Hang Ups: Indie Craft Bazaar


    photo 2-6

    Crafting is contagious. I have approximately 5 reams of card stock, 30 yards of fabric, 7,000 beads and piles of glitter to prove it. While DIYing is delightfully relaxing and fun, I’m guilty of leaving projects midway. To my left there is a sad, deconstructed lamp and to my right  a wilting flower crown. The Indie Craft Bazaar is one of my favorite opportunities to meet the Pinterest winners of society and get my hands on intricate beauties. It’s a handmade heaven for artistic souls.

    Held at Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale, the festival takes place every several months and features the creations of South Florida artisans. Onlookers find a slew of vintage, recycled, and upcycled treasures ranging from vegan baked goods to cat bow ties. At my last bazaar, more than 65 impressive  booths were accompanied by on the spot DIY crafts, free raffle prizes, gourmet vegan goodies, and mimosas – yes mimosas.

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    Flower Child Hair: Make Sustainable Fashion Statement


    fchSweet and feminine, flowers have always been a way for me to get in touch with my free-spirited side. I wear them so often that when I started dating by boyfriend, he waxed poetic about “a girl with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair” (most definitely quoting Led Zeppelin). I can often be caught doodling daisies. I have a fixation with buying myself bouquets to arrange in odd jars like a pseudo-Lauren Conrad. If you couldn’t tell, flowers are kind of my thing.  Other things that make the list? Humanitarianism. Continue Reading


    Give Hope. Get Pink. Help Support Breast Cancer!


    It’s safe to say that cancer has affected all of us in a negative way at some point in our lives. Whether you’re a survivor, know a survivor, or lost someone to the terrible disease, cancer has permeated the health of so many in an unforgiving way. After spending days upon days with my grandmother after her diagnosis (now cancer-free) and consoling my best friend n whatever way I could muster as her mom went through chemotherapy, I understand the need to put an end to this ruthless disease.

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