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My September Favorites

I can’t believe September is already here! ‘Tis the season to be a Virgo, enjoy the pumpkin spice latte’s return and prepare for fall. I’m so ready for fall fashion, beauty, decor, and all the in-betweens. August was a WILD month, so I’m taking a breather to share some of my favorite must-haves for September that are getting me through the month. 

Dainty Gold Necklaces 

AUrate Hamsa Necklace - Gold Necklaces for Fall

I used to be all about flashy statements, but I feel like my style is starting to shift to more delicate jewelry. I’m currently crushing on dainty gold necklaces with delicate details. I personally love both rose gold and yellow gold, finding the two metals timeless. Once of my favorite necklaces of the month is a Geometric Hamsa Necklace from AUrate. I love how you can stack it together with a longer necklace or simply wear it alone. The hamsa symbol has been passed down in jewelry from my family for generations, so I love having a piece of my heritage mixed into my fall outfits. 

AUrate Hamsa Necklace - Stacking Gold Necklaces for Fall

Fresh Floral Scents 

I recently had the chance to try the Thalia Sodi fragrance line, available online at Amazon and Macy’s, and fell in love with the Absolute Amethyst fragrance. The collection features five fragrances inspired by Thalia Sodi’s love of gemstones and each fragrance in the line is aptly named after one. Absolute Amethyst’s top notes are Coriander, Nectarine, Lemon Blossom with heart notes of Black Dahlia, Almond Blossom, Vanilla Orchid. The fragrance is sweet without being too overpowering. I’ve received so many compliments on it! (When my boyfriend notices something, you can bet it’s the real deal.) I love all five fragrances, but I’d say Diamond Petals closely follows as my second favorite from the collection! 

Alchimie Forever’s New Soothing Body Lotion 

Texas’ heat is undeniably tough on skin, but the contrast of winter’s bite is even worse. Last year we went from 100 degree days to SNOW just a few months later! To keep my skin hydrated and smooth no matter what the climate, I like to use lotion consistently. I also suffer from dry skin due to hypothyroidism, so it’s become a much-needed part of my daily regimen. Alchimie Forever recently launched its new Soothing Body Lotion and I’ve been using it for a few weeks. So far, I’m really loving the quality of the product. I have such sensitive skin and have noticed over the last year of using this brand that my skin handles it very well. I’ve even turned my boyfriend onto skincare with Alchimie Forever! This lotion doesn’t feel greasy, leaves my skin soft, calms the skin (and me) with lavender and even has some anti-aging benefits to boot!  

The Home Edit’s Guide to Organizing

Life has changed DRAMATICALLY since my last update. The reason I’ve been totally missing in action is that we moved (into a place with no internet hence the radio silence), and it’s been exciting but VERY overwhelming. All of the clutter really drives me nuts, and I feel like I truly can’t work on projects unless my place is clean and tidy. I recently realized I’m FULL Virgo in this area of my life. I love to-do lists, checking off boxes, agendas, and neatness. In times of procrastination, I’d rather clear out my spam folder than actually work. I had no idea that The Container Store would suddenly become SO ADDICTIVE, but that’s turning 30 for you! At The Container Store (heaven), you pass the pearly gates and shopping carts to see every aisle organized to perfection, teasing a better version of yourself. The idea of reaching this elevated state of being a homeowner with impeccable pantries is overwhelming, which is why I was drawn to The Home Edit’s Guide to Organizing

Now don’t get me wrong, @thehomeedit is an incredible Instagram account filled with enough inspiration. You can wing it and get by without the little tidbits of assistance sprinkled in the book, but I really love the way this product is laid out and how helpful all of the tips are for beginners in the home organization realm. These tips are surely online, but I love holding a book in my hand and am a bit more old school in that regard. All of the photos are incredibly satisfying, and I’m not ashamed to say that photos of clearly-labeled containers and color-coded sharpies are kind of my thing. 

Leopard Pieces 

In my opinion, animal print will never go out of style. Leopard print can be used as a neutral. I particularly LOVE this leopard print skirt and plan on rocking it through the season! The quality of the Chicwish skirt is also a plus because it’s so lightweight and well-made. I paired it with a belt and my favorite pair of heels for a glammed up video shoot at the Hotel Alessandra in Houston!

Blush Furniture 

I’ve been updating our new place with furniture here and there, and I keep finding myself leaning on a blush color palette. To my surprise, Brian is TOTALLY welcoming my adoration for the color pink. So far, I’ve found gorgeous blush pillows from Article that are the perfect base for mixing patterns and the most amazing chairs from West Elm. Getting my house in shape is going to take much longer than expected, especially since we don’t get mail here yet. (Being in a new build is honestly like living off the grid, even if we still live in the 4th largest city. No one can ship to us!) The house is coming along little by little, but I’m adoring the pieces we’ve introduced so far.

A portion of this post is sponsored by Nakturnal. All opinions are my own.


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