Behind-the-Scenes: Spring Life Update

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Hi friends! This is just a quick little life update to give you the lowdown on what’s going on in my life. I haven’t hopped on the blog with any personal updates for quite some time, so I wanted to get on and give you a quick download on the latest things happening and some of the feelings I’ve been having along the way.

I am about to hit my first year of full-time blogging, which has been quite a rollercoaster. I’ve had some amazing opportunities and a lot of learning lessons I plan to share at the end of March. In the meantime, here’s a little peek at what’s been happening behind the scenes…

Writing Wins and Woes

The great news? I’ve been writing A LOT these days for work outside of Cup of Charisma. I have had a difficult time keeping up with writing obligations and blogging simultaneously, but am working out a system that allows me the time to do everything required of a blogger as well as maintain a fluid, consistent writing schedule.

This should be something that should be celebrated, I know. I’m so excited to be gaining more opportunities and am on track to figuring out a way to make my labor-intensive job more lucrative, BUT I feel influx. Let’s just day I’m in a creative limbo. Producing content has been a blessing over the last few months, but I also have felt a bit dull when trying to craft my own ideas.

A recent interaction with an editor of a national publication I almost didn’t pitch taught me to take more chances on myself and make time for creativity. Before even sending the email, I already created the story that I wasn’t going to be good enough. Getting a response to any pitch is practically a win in the competitive field of journalism where editors get hundreds of emails a day, so why did I find myself telling I wasn’t good enough? I learned to quit blocking the tracks of my own ideas before they have any steam behind them.

Finding Creativity Through the Clutter

Email is a MOOD KILLER. I said it. I’ve been so bogged down by to-do lists and email clutter, that I’ve stifled whatever creative flame I possess. To reengage in writing, I decided to dive back into it and find a peer-review system where I can get feedback and hopefully make the time for myself again. I’ll be enrolled in a program at Stanford University this April, and am so excited.

Outside of taking a few writing credits this spring, I started voice lessons (completely for fun). I always loved musical theatre growing up, and dating a musician for six years has definitely reminded me of that old love I had. My teacher sings in the local opera, and while I never expect to be good enough to hop on a stage, I’ve loved learning how to read music and it’s allowed me to bond with Brian a bit, too!

We’re House Hunting… Yikes!

Seriously, this is stressful and it hasn’t even begun! I’m doing research on buying homes and we’ve been looking at one neighborhood (in the city) in particular. I would LOVE any tips you have on what you wish you would have known.

It’s going to sound a little odd, but I used to be afraid of owning a home. The weight of it felt so astounding, and there was a deep-seated part of me that felt like I would develop into a living embodiment of April Wheeler straight off the pages of Revolutionary Road. Ridiculous, I know, but there has just been this long-held fear of the mortgages equaling the end of the adventure!

Homes used to hold such a permanence that scared me. This was all before I understood that you can always sell your home and root yourself somewhere new. As a renter of four years, I am now CRAVING a home and am so looking forward to being part of an investement.

February Was Absolutely Nuts

Have you ever faced your biggest fear (or at least something you’ve dreaded for a relatively long time)? February was a month filled with growth. While January felt like wading through steady waters waiting for a splash, February was a canon ball into the deep end. I learned our minds are incredibly powerful and can really control our health, mood, and overall wellbeing. If your body knows you are stressed about something, it will show you before you ever have to say it aloud.

In February, I entered uncharted territory by revisiting a place that held significant meaning. My body wasn’t just warning me it was not so excited to visit, it kicked my ass to be fully honest. I started to experience all sorts of side effects and anxiety. Once the month was over and I faced my fear, I understood all of the weird signals I had leading up to the week and I grew stronger. We all face rough patches; after enough contact, our skin grows callouses and it becomes easier each time.

I’ve Been Speaking A LOT More

I have a huge love for public speaking. It scares me and stirs my soul at the same time. Most of my public speaking to this point has been on influencer marketing and social media. I’ve taught classes and workshops on how to build a social media following and create an influencer marketing program. In February, I had the amazing opportunity to speak to women about wellness, beauty, and self-love on the Feel Good First panel at Lemon Laine with Vital Proteins. I connected with AMAZING women and was joined on the panel by Megan Owen of Meg. O on the Go, Michelle Hammons of Beauty Life Coach, Mallory Cornelison, and Bri Braggs of Fertile Alchemy. Each woman brought a unique perspective to the table and spoke candidly and honestly about our lives. The panel reminded me of how much I love speaking, and it’s definitely something I wish to do more of in 2019.

My Family’s Health is Under Control

So happy to finally say that the absolutely insane and unstable ups and downs of last year with both my dad and my brother’s health has finally stabilized. My brother has continued thriving at his job, while my dad just got back to work after his surgery last December. It felt like I couldn’t really find my footing from October through December when we were going through all of the motions. I’m happy to say things are on the up and up!


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