How to Style a Teddy Coat

How to Style Brown Teddy Coat and Black Jeans - Fall Fashion on Cup of Charisma

When the cold fronts say hey, the coats come out to play. That may not be a real saying, but I’ve been holding out for cold weather in Houston. We finally had our first cold front of the season in mid-October, so I wasted no time in getting one of the largest staples of the fall/winter: the teddy coat. I decided to style a teddy coat rather than a traditional peacoat because I believe in a future where our clothing is as soft as our stuffed animals. You can quote me on that.

Reasons to Love the Teddy Coat



I’ve styled this coat on everything from this all-black ensemble to my favorite plaid skirt and OTK boots. I’ve even added this teddy coat to a pair of blue denim flairs for a 70s-inspired look that felt “Almost Famous”-esque.

Lightweight for the South

This coat is transitional for the seasons and is just warm enough for fall weather. This lightweight coat makes a great option for populations that don’t experience a full-on winter wonderland. The jacket doesn’t have buttons, so I wouldn’t recommend it as a go-to option for warmth in freezing weather conditions. In Houston, the temperature drops to the 30s at its lowest. We experience a chill, but nothing that would require us to bundle up in insulated gear. As a former Miami girl, I can also attest that this coat is a great option for South Florida’s cold fronts (which are far and few between).


Do I even have to go there? This coat is the comfiest piece in my wardrobe. I’m surprised I’ve taken it off at all! As a former Build-a-Bear Workshop manager (fun fact), I can attest to this fuzzy wuzzy jacket feeling as cuddly as a teddy bear. It lives up to its name. When I wear this coat, I just feel like I’m wrapped up in a blanket with the strange urge to give myself a hug. Don’t knock it till you try it, folks.

How to Style Brown Teddy Coat and Black Jeans - Fall Fashion on Cup of Charisma

How to Style Brown Teddy Coat and Black Jeans - Fall Fashion on Cup of Charisma

How to Style a Teddy Coat

Putting together this outfit was so simple and fun. I was a little nervous to try on the coat since I’d been eyeing one for a while but didn’t feel like I could ever pull it off. Since purchasing this coat, I’ve received a ton of compliments on the color and fit. I loved the way the materials felt and how comfortable all of my layers were The jacket was perfect for a wave of cold weather we faced when Houston dropped to about 50 degrees.

Choose a Color You Love

I love the mocha color of this coat, which is also available in a soft mauve. The mocha was a perfect match for my boots. I decided to keep most of my accessories within a neutral color palette of auburn and mocha. My boots (similar model here, but this exact pair sold out) are a seamless match with the coat. Black jeans and a black turtleneck were no-brainers for me since I wanted a sophisticated fall look.

Play with Height

While my boots (similar) are fairly short in this photo, I’ve worn this coat with boots that had a bit more elevation to elongate my legs and make me look taller. I’m only 5’4″ and this coat reaches past my knees, so a little height can work a lot of magic! Another great way to show some dimension is to style the jacket over a skirt or dress.

Use a Belt to Create Your Waist

Notice how my teddy coat doesn’t have buttons or a built-in coat belt? While I love the loungey look of this coat, I’m the type of person who needs to define my waistline. Use a belt to create definition in your waist, especially if you choose a top and bottom that are the same color. What I would have loved to wear is Gucci’s GG logo belt, but I need to save up a little more for the real thing. (I’ve heard a lot of my girlfriends are wearing a passable Gucci belt dupe though!). I wore this square buckle belt from H&M.

Accessorize with Your Personal Style

The teddy material reminds me fabrics used in the 1970s, so I pulled that inspiration into my accessories. My earrings were a statement fringed hoop I bought at a local Houston shop called Forth + Nomad (similar here). The sunglasses were just a simple studded pair I’ve been holding onto this year. Finally, I touched everything off with my necklace from the Giving Keys, one of my favorite social good brands that helps fight homelessness. This particular key was given to me by my friend Bri and holds a special meaning.

How to Style Brown Teddy Coat and Black Jeans - Fall Fashion on Cup of Charisma

How to Style Brown Teddy Coat and Black Jeans - Fall Fashion on Cup of Charisma

How to Style Brown Teddy Coat and Black Jeans - Fall Fashion on Cup of Charisma

My Favorite Teddy Coats Right Now

If you’re looking for a variety of teddy coats, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites for you here. Happy shopping!

Photos by Banavenue Photography


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