It’s Wine O’Clock with Favor

As a business owner and queen of side hustle jobs, I know the EXACT need to unwind after a tiring and busy day. The worst feeling after a long day? Checking the wine cooler to find it empty. The last thing I want to worry about when I get ready to watch the latest episode of “Insecure” or draw a hot bath is that I’ll be without my favorite¬†wine in hand.

Once I’m at home, I do NOT want to brave Houston’s rush hour traffic so the Favor app has always been a go-to for me. Favor can be an absolute lifesaver, from being a busy go-getter to hosting a special night. What would a relaxing night be without my number one ingredient? Vino. Now I can finally rejoice because Favor now delivers wine and beer from H-E-B!
Of the many¬†ways to relax,¬†my favorite way to unwind is by putting on a favorite record and pouring a glass of wine. If I’m lucky,¬†Brian is cooking dinner and Minnie (our corgi) is cuddling up by my side. I just got this new record player from Brian for my 29th birthday, so drinking a glass of D’Orsay ros√© and twirling around to Kishi Bashi, one of our favorite artists, is the perfect way to end a Monday in my book.
Before I partnered with Favor,¬†Brian had no idea how easy it was to order items!¬†I schooled him on some of the highlights that made Favor an easy, awesome way for us to have a great night-in without leaving the house. So now I’m here to school YOU on the five awesome things that make H-E-B’s wine and beer delivery with Favor so great:

Time is Money

SERIOUSLY, people. I HATE going to grocery stores more than anything. The busy lines, clunky carts, and lugging of bags all give me a headache. I constantly stack my freelance projects and blog posts on a long, sometimes overly-ambitious to-do list. My time is valuable, so having to make grocery runs for wine and beer is a costly hassle for me. Have more time for what matters with free delivery of beer & wine from H-E-B through Favor.

Get Your Drinks in Under One Hour!

Favor offers beer & wine delivery in under an hour in 30+ cities across Texas. Houston is especially rainy this week, and the weather has been horrendous. No one wants to walk outside to see gray clouds and wet roads. During an hour that no one wants to be on the road, I was able to entrust a faithful Favor delivery runner to pick up my wine. He was so friendly and efficient. Once I selected my choice in wines, he was at my door in 35 minutes. How can you beat that?

Delivery is FREE

No membership fee required. Delivery is just free, and that’s how I like it!¬†Another great thing about ordering with Favor is that there is no minimum order. Whether you need a 6-pack of beer or wine for a huge party, enjoy free delivery from Favor — no minimum order required.

The Prices Won’t Break the Bank

Champagne taste on a beer budget? Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter. H-E-B has the best prices on wine and beer that I’ve come across in Houston. I ordered a LaMarca prosecco, D’Orsay¬†ros√©, and Decoy Cabernet Sauvignon all for $47. The prices were all incredibly affordable, and we were able to stretch our budget to get wine brands we love.

It’s a Texas Thing

Did you know Favor is headquartered in Austin, Texas? I had no idea until I learned about their partnership with H-E-B, another Texas brand. Texas-born and Texas-brewed, the partnership brings a large list of selections to residents across the state. I, personally, loved that so many Texas brands were a part of H-E-B’s selection. Brewers like Saint Arnold’s and Karbach glittered on the screen with some local tried-and-true favorites.¬†One thing I’ve learned since relocated to Houston is that Texans have pride like no other!

What’s your favorite wine or beer to drink at H-E-B?

This post is sponsored by Favor. Thank you to the brands that make Cup of Charisma possible every day! 



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