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Get Inspired! Danika Brysha’s Brunch Series Set for Houston

Danika Brysha the Brunch Series

Happy Monday, loves! I’m so excited to start off this Monday by sharing a really interesting event coming to Houston this week. Before I dive in, I wanted to take care of some housekeeping since there have been so many new changes in my life lately. In my last post (if you haven’t read it, get started here), I shared that I have taken the leap into full-time blogger and solopreneurship. In this process, I realized that my perfectionism was harming my full potential and that I was dragging my feet waiting for that little lightbulb of inspiration to strike me with my next big idea. Well, starting this week there will be NO excuses and no waiting for the perfect post. I am super excited to announce that Cup of Charisma will now have a posting schedule of THREE posts per week. Pop over to the blog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to see what’s new! A weekly newsletter will also start on May 7, so make sure to subscribe!

Now to the fun stuff… enter: Danika Brysha. Danika is a self-care expert, body positive fashion model, and Model Meals Founder/CEO who is coming to Houston during her 8-month tour of the US and Canada where she and her partner, Chef Billy Haley, will be empowering women through the Brunch Series Tour. (Did I mention they travel with their super cute dog, Kingsley) Danika reached out to me on Instagram two weeks ago with details of the event. I’m SO excited to let you know I’ll be there on Wednesday for her all-day Houston workshop.

What is the Brunch Series?

The brunch series is a developmental all-day workshop that’s happening on April 25, 10 am- 4 pm, in Houston. Tickets are $140 for the day (available here), which includes food, workshops, goal setting, an everything in between.

Honestly, Danika and her team say it best so here’s a synopsis of what you can expect:

“The foundation of the Brunch Series Tour content will be about building the life of your dreams and finding authentic happiness. You’ll do that through Danika’s unique and original process of creating your very own self-care checklist which will help you with daily accountability towards healthy habits and crushing your goals. Our work is gentle, meaning we won’t change everything at once and we will focus on making these shifts through empowering ourselves, not shaming. Built into this work are the topics of self-love, healthy relationships, finding your passion, creating income through doing what you love, body positivity, mindfulness, affirmations and manifestation tools, food freedom, and so much more. In addition to this content, we’ll enjoy healthy food and inspiring connection with like-minded women. There will be giveaways and swag bags from some of Danika’s favorite brands, and you’ll leave with a workbook FULL of her resources, cheat sheets, and guidelines to have on hand whenever you need them.”

According to Danika’s site, this event will be ALL women and is all activities for the day are optional. If you feel uncomfortable in group settings or feel nervous, you’re in an accepting environment but don’t let that fear keep you from changing your perspective and coming out. No one will be pressured into activities. The vibe looks inviting, fun, and open. Any event where I’m encouraged to dress comfortably, sit in a circle with awesome women, and let go of judgments sounds like the perfect day to me.

The Importance of Self-Care

As you know, I talk about the importance of self-care constantly and am definitely fighting my own battles in taking care of my health, self-confidence and overall just learning to be kinder to myself. I’m always looking for sources of inspiration and guiding lights, so Danika’s energy completely compelled me. I love to cover self-care on my blog, but the truth is that I don’t have it down to a science (honestly, no one does) but Danika’s background and coaching abilities make me feel like I’m going to be quite the student on Wednesday during her workshop.

What If I’m Not Located in Houston?

Not from Houston? There’s good news. Danika’s tour is national (and even internationally for Canadian residents). The tour began April 4 and will run through November 11. For my readers in my previous home of Miami, the tour hits your area on May 13. Interested in seeing if your city is available? Check the lineup out here.

If you DO plan on coming, comment below or shoot me an email at so we can meetup at  the event!






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