My Healthy Fix to Combat Dry Hair

My Healthy Fix to Combat Dry Hair - Hair Food Moisture Collection Review on Cup of Charisma

Let’s get one thing straight: I’m a purpose-driven gal on a mission. I feel I never have enough time to truly impact the world in the ways I want to, but one way I consciously decide to is through my choices. Each day, I make a conscious effort to control the products I use and the food I put in my body. You see, I’ve created a socially-conscious “diet” of sorts which has impacted my life – and even my beauty routine. So when did this natural health obsession start? Well, it all began on a cattle ranch in the Australian outback—a story I’ll save for another day. I’ve been a vegetarian for 12 long years (a fact that will make Texans look at you like an alien), and have begun to adopt a vegan diet in recent weeks. What started as an intrinsic response to my love for living things has developed into an even deeper connection to healthy, natural products and foods which are environmentally-friendly and good for me. When I learned about the Hair Food brand, I was compelled by the nourishing ingredient list. A shampoo and conditioner collection made out of foods I’d willingly put in my body and words I can pronounce? Sign me up!

My Healthy Fix to Combat Dry Hair - Hair Food Moisture Collection Review on Cup of Charisma

My Struggle with Dry Hair

My hair type is similar to my skin type—combination. I can get a little greasy, but overall my locks are typically dried out, and I get a lot of breakages. As someone with hypothyroidism, my hair quality isn’t necessarily luscious and shiny. When diagnosing my hair, I need to use products which provide nutrients while keeping my hair hydrated. I’ve been using the Hair Food Moisture collection for a little over three weeks and have seen immediate improvements in my hair’s moisture and texture.

The Importance of Natural Ingredients

My Healthy Fix to Combat Dry Hair - Hair Food Moisture Collection Review on Cup of Charisma

The ingredients and scent of the Hair Food Moisture collection are my favorite benefits of the products. It’s made with honey essences, inspired by the way honey soothes, and apricot which provides soft locks, luxurious moisture and the nourishment I’m looking for to make my hair look and feel healthy. The revitalizing recipe contains three essential hydrators to regulate moisture absorption, locking in hydration so hair feels moisturized from within. The collection is free of parabens and mineral oil which makes a HUGE difference in my hair’s health. The shampoo is also free of silicones! The natural elements of Hair Food’s products put my mind (and scalp) at ease.

How It Works into My Hair Routine

I wash my hair every two to three days depending on my level of activity. Hair Food Moisture shampoo has a rich lather. I massage it into my scalp to get the buildup out, but it’s completely gentle and thoroughly addresses my roots. The conditioner is my favorite because I typically will lather it through my ends, leaving it in for an extra minute or two while I wash my face.

To keep my hair feeling nourished, I typically will let my hair air dry and will go a step further by incorporating a heat protectant before using any hot tools. I feel like we often don’t realize how essential moisturizing is for not just our skin, but our hair! I used to take my routine for granted until I finally adopted a regimen I could keep in place. Dry shampoo days are well and good, but there’s nothing better than the feeling of healthy and clean hair. Health exceeds meal plans and exercise routines. I encourage you to start making healthy choices that are skin deep – your hair will thank you.

You can find Hair Food at a Walmart near you!

XO Jillian

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Hair Food. The opinions and text are all mine.


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