Becoming a Modern Southern Belle

If you’ve been reading my blog since its conception, you know that I didn’t always live in Houston. I grew up in South Florida, which feels like anything but “The South.” Sodden with tanning oil and dotted with palm trees, Miami has always felt like a foreign piece of the United States. When I took the leap to move to Houston, Texas, I didn’t realize I’d be leaving behind the sandy beaches and Cuban coffee for the Southern life – a life SO unfamiliar. When I did finally move here, I realized I was able to embrace Houston’s burgeoning city life and Southern hospitality… it felt a lot like being a Modern Southern Belle.

In honor of three years in Houston, I’m sharing a bit about my style with Avon’s new Modern Southern Belle capsule collection. Disclaimer: being a Southern Belle doesn’t mean wearing petticoats, sipping tea, or saying y’all. When I first moved to Houston, I received SO many jokes from teasing friends and family who were quick to ask me about “the horse I was going to ride to work,” or the “accent I was going to come home with.” To their demise, I drive in Houston traffic like the rest of us and I still have the same voice I had years ago. (I did catch myself saying “y’all,” but I’ve learned to embrace it.) Houston is the fourth largest city in the COUNTRY. Despite its booming culture and diversity, there’s a bit of Southern charm here that even the transplants like me love to embrace.

So let’s talk about these gorgeous outfits!  

One of the first things I fell in love with when browsing the Avon website was the chic Sienna Shift Dress. It is such a classic silhouette that is flattering and versatile enough to wear for any occasion. In fact, I wore the dress on a date, to a film festival, and to a lecture I was giving at the University of Houston all in the course of two weeks! Call me an outfit repeater, but I just love the feminine florals and fun spring vibes.

When teaching a course, I added the Annabelle cardigan in persimmon to keep things professional and stay comfortable during my lecture. For date night, I added some of Avon’s elegant statement jewelry and a pair of ruffle slide heels. Not to mention, the Perforated Leather Bucket Hobo can fit EVERYTHING I need. I also love that each outfit is affordable so I can buy an entire look in my budget without breaking the bank.

Details: Sienna Shift Dress // Annabelle Cardigan in Persimmon//Perforated Leather Bucket Hobo// Cushion Walk Faux Suede Slide with Ruffle//Poppy Bracelet

My second look was far more relaxed, but still kept the charm of a southern belle. I love the simplicity of Avon’s Katie Shirt Dress paired with vibrant accessories. The pearl-like buttons elevate the dress to a step above casual, and the belt provides the ability to add shape to the look. I decided to pair this with some dainty pearl bracelets and bold statement earrings. The denim tote is beautiful on its own but when looking through Avon’s accessories, I felt I could add a pop of panache with their floral scarf with tassels.

My favorite thing about this outfit is these shoes – where do I begin?! It’s no secret that I love florals, but the truly special thing about these sandals goes deeper than the details. Avon’s shoes are made with Cushion Walk© pads so you’re walking on cloud 9.

Details: Katie Shirt Dress//Denim Tote//Floral Scarf with Tassels// Cushion Walk Faux-Leather Sandal with Flowers//Modern Elegance Bangle Set//Poppy Chandelier Earrings

I’m so thrilled to have had a chance to showcase this exciting capsule collection from Avon. When you check out the collection, you’ll see gingham and florals incorporated into the charming product line. I was surprised to find that outside of clothing and accessories, the collection features home décor all inspired by southern charm with a modern twist.

To me, being a Modern Southern Belle means embracing the culture of the South while looking forward to the future. It’s being part of a community that is growing by the minute, yet filled with sweet and caring human beings who acknowledge one another and show respect. I’ve felt more at home in Houston than I ever did in Miami, to be honest. That’s a bold claim to make, but it’s all thanks to the strong woman of Texas who have taken me under their wing with their own Southern charm.

What do you think it means to be a Modern Southern Belle? Share your ideas in the comments!

This post was sponsored by Avon. Thank you to the brands who make Cup of Charisma possible.


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