5 Ways to Embrace Southern Charm

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 I’ll never forget the morning I left my Florida home to make the 18-hour drive to Houston. When I mapped out my route from Miami to Texas, I had no idea how much that 1,000 miles would change my life. Little did I know that leaving state lines would mean abandoning the vibrant culture of Miami for a completely new experience in the South. To my surprise, the South was filled with warmth and truly authentic charm.

I’m so excited to introduce Avon’s Modern Southern Belle collection and share some of the gorgeous statement pieces you can add to your own armoire. Whether you’re newly Southern or wanting to embrace a piece of chic and vibrant style, the pieces are bold and elegant—the perfect words to describe a true Modern Southern Belle.

The Modern Belle Collection is Avon’s very first capsule collection of 2018. I found it inspiring, empowering and bright when I first explored the collection online. I personally love that the jewelry collection offers such a strong variety featuring everything from dainty pearls to vivacious chunky bracelets. You can style this with any piece from the clothing collection and instantly elevate your look.

Today, I’m sharing my favorite pieces from Avon’s newest capsule collection, and my four lessons learned from embracing southern charm.

Modern Elegance Bangle Set

Don’t Make Judgements

In today’s political climate, it’s easy to put someone in a box and assume their values and beliefs based on where they are from. Moving to Texas, I realized that you truly can’t judge a book by its cover or make assumptions on a person’s attitude based on where they hail from.

Dare to Be Bold

Sure, a Southern Belle can be refined… but what about a Modern Southern Belle? Many of the friends I’ve grown closest to in Texas exemplify the hospitality of the South while exhibiting not only class but conviction. Their attitudes are bright, bold, and becoming. Just like Avon’s bold statement jewelry (especially the Poppy collection which is my favorite), Modern Southern Belle’s aren’t afraid to stand out and make a statement whether it’s with color, attitude or style.

Poppy Chandelier Earrings


Carry Yourself with Elegance

This is the lesson that’s at the core of southern women. No matter what kind of day you’ve had or how chaotic life may feel, southern charm means putting your shoulders back, standing tall and letting nothing stand in your way of being a class act.

Poppy Pave Ring//Color Pop Link Bracelet


Be Playful

Bright florals and fun gingham prints are just a few of the things you can find in the wardrobe of a Modern Southern Belle. Give yourself the ability to have fun, mix and match, and make it feel like Spring all year long.

Poppy Bracelet//Modern Elegance Bypass Ring 

Be Kind

One of the main differences I realized when moving to Houston is that people are PRETTY amazing here. I was caught off guard when people in the elevator would smile or strike up a conversation; strangers would hold the door for me, and bystanders would wave hello when I walk down the street. Living in the South (or in my case, the Southwest) can open your eyes to the everyday acts of kindness we often don’t make time for. When moving to Texas, I challenged myself to spend more time helping others and exhibiting little steps toward stronger human connections. So far, I can say it’s made me a happier and more successful person.

How do you embrace Southern charm? Leave your tips in the comments!

This post was sponsored by Avon. Thank you to the brands who make Cup of Charisma possible.

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