How to Style a Small Apartment

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Hi friends! If you’re wondering why you don’t see much of my home in my Instagram stories, it’s because I have a small setback. Here’s the thing: I’ve inherited most of my partner’s furniture. Relationships are beautiful things, but sometimes the furniture we get isn’t. While I’ve had the chance to update a few things, we’re waiting on our future home to fully furnish our apartment with pieces we adore. In the meantime, I’ve become a master making budget-friendly decisions to style a small apartment. Decor, statement pieces, and subtle styling choices can make a HUGE different in space. In this post, I’m breaking down some of the tricks I’ve used to style our space.

Utilize Throw Pillows and Rugs

How to Style a Small Apartment 1 - Cup of Charisma Houston Lifestyle Blog

So let’s talk about this couch. While I love my boyfriend, I am no fan of our gigantic suede BROWN couch. Our furniture has always felt very dark to me, and I’m a fan of lighter palettes. That being said, styling a brown couch isn’t impossible. I used bohemian throw pillows in orange and navy to divert from the brown color along with a cream area rug.

Elevate the Space with a Bar Cart

How to Style a Small Apartment 1 - Cup of Charisma Houston Lifestyle Blog

A bar cart can elevate a space instantly. I personally love brass accents, which is why I chose a this stylish bar cart for my apartment. I also set up an art nook to maximize the space by positioning my easel in the corner of the room overlooking out Uptown skyline view.

Add Plants to Make the Place Feel Alive

How to Style a Small Apartment 1 - Cup of Charisma Houston Lifestyle Blog

Nothing is worse than a dark apartment. Adding a succulent can help brighten a room and fill the space with life. As silly as it sounds, keeping plants can contribute to happiness. PLUS, Extensive NASA has revealed houseplants can remove up to 87 percent of air toxin in 24 hours. Surround your coffee table succulent with candles, a stylish tray that contrasts your coffee table, and books.

Vases Are Your BFF

How to Style a Small Apartment 1 - Cup of Charisma Houston Lifestyle Blog

Uses vases, candles and a table runner to accent your end tables and dining room table. It doesn’t take much to make a small dining room table feel special and intimate. I always like to incorporate fresh flowers or eucalyptus.

Utilize Compact Storage for Your Office

Office Decor for Small Apartments

My office is the one area of my home I got to feel part of since I chose my furniture and artwork. Outside of creating a gallery wall, I utilized a small cart for storing files and supplies.

Most of all, just remember that your home is yours. The sooner you play with patterns and introduce new items, the warmer it will become. Did you like the items in this post? Find my home decor below!



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