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#GirlsNightOut – Houston Strong Fundraiser for Hurricane Harvey


Photo: @mattcrump

Have you ever felt helpless in a moment of disaster? There’s a guilt that sinks in when disaster hits and you find yourself scot-free. Phrases and questions like,¬†“That could have been me,”Why them?” and “Why do I feel happy and hurt at the same time?” kick in. That painstaking guilt is totally acceptable, but the way to handle it is by helping others wholeheartedly.¬†When Houston faced Hurricane Harvey, I was dying to find an outlet to throw myself into. In my last post, I described the experience of a Southwest Airlines limbo that left me checking my email every day to find that my flight home to storm-torn Houston was yet again canceled.

My friend and fellow blogger, Erin Creeks of Ms. Independent, was feeling the same helplessness kick in as she stayed in her Houston home and saw Facebook updates and Instagram stories of our local friends being rescued from their homes.¬†Erin decided to make a spur of the moment decision with a lot of heart by transforming her upcoming #GirlsNightOut social event into¬†#GirlsNightOut – Houston Strong, a fundraiser and donation drive to support women and their families affected by Hurricane Harvey. Erin invited influencers in Houston to collaborate and pull together our resources in less than one month’s time. I’m thankful to say that I am one of the lucky influencers who got to donate some PR tips and tricks to help Erin plan and promote her event! #GirlsNightOut – Houston Strong will happen on September 28th, from 6-9pm at Marq31.
Join me and a crowd of Texas women looking to make a difference and help lay the bricks for a new foundation for those who lost everything. Any small gesture is an important one, friends.


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