Facing Fears and Finding Financial Independence

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as an adult, it’s that sometimes our biggest fears are the ones that feed us. In my case, I mean that very literally. Money is an essential utility that we need to get by. From planning trips to buying a house, things like income and credit scores make a huge difference in our freedoms to see the world, support our families, get an education, and build a life. Little green slips of paper have intimidated¬†me for years‚ÄĒcrazy, I know! I’ve decided to become financially empowered by partnering with my friends at Frost Bank and conquer my wage woes.

When growing up, my parents’ incomes came in ebbs and flows. They were entrepreneurs,¬† something I aspire to be, so I saw the ups and downs of business in front of me. From struggling to pay the bills to rolling in dollar bills, my parents were typical small business owners. You’d think this would make me a PRO at knowing the ins and outs of budgeting and saving for my business, well… not quite. While my adoring and amazing parents taught me the foundations of being a good person, they skipped out on one big life skill: managing finances. From balancing a checkbook to understanding the jargon on a W2, adulthood felt like freshman year of high school but without the¬†textbooks. I had no clue how to budget myself, create a savings¬†account, and not splurge my entire paycheck on a trip to Anthropologie. Moving to Houston was a reality check that kicked my fiscal curiosities into gear. As this blog becomes my little business, I’ve learned that I need to understand money to make it a profitable one! As I finally begin to take control of my finances, I’m sharing the things I wish I learned growing up.

Start Small and Start Soon

When the time came to open my first Frost Bank account, the process was easier than I could have ever imagined and not scary in the slightest. You only need a minimum of $25 to start an account at Frost Bank, so even a small contribution is worth it when it comes to your future. Above taking all of 15 minutes at my local bank (even less if you go online or apply in the app), I was pleasantly greeted with smiles, hot coffee, and a wealth of information about signing up to be a Frost customer. The staff is so knowledgeable and I felt like they were truly interested in learning more about my financial situation and goals. For those who don’t have the flexibility in their day to visit their bank, Frost has a plethora of online planning advice and tools to make me feel confident in taking the steps to becoming financially successful.

Take a Deep Look into Your Spending Habits

As a blogger, freelance writer and full-time social media manager, I stay busy from job to job and work hard to make my type-a millennial side hustle a reality. When looking through my spending habits recently, I realized I spend nearly all of my income on a monthly basis. If you asked me on what, I couldn’t even give you a strong answer. Financial awareness is the first step to financial freedom. ¬†Frost offers personal banking guidance and has the same goal you do: helping YOU make smart financial decisions. When calling Frost, you won’t be greeted with an automatic voicemail informing you to try again during business hours… all hours are business hours. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, a Frost specialist can assist you. To me, accessibility in invaluable so I highly recommend utilizing their knowledgeable staff and support system.

Pick a Platform that Fits into Your Daily Grind

We’re millennials. We’re dreamers, doers, planners and creators who are trying to throw ourselves into our crafts until we make a difference. With such a hectic schedule, I struggle to find the time to run errands during the day. By the time I head home from my day job, most financial institutions are closed. From booking doctors appointments to buying groceries, I’m an early adopter of technology and apps that make our lives more convenient. Frost allows me to text, email and transfer money in minutes. I’ve learned that making finances integrate into my life seamlessly is the best way for me to get a grip on my income and work my way up to entrepreneurship.

Feel Safe in Your Choice

One of the reasons I’m so weary about money is simply because I’ve been burned before. From having my credit card maxed out to having my identity completely stolen, I’ve fallen victim to crooked burdens. After meeting with a Frost representative, I felt really confident in my decision to switch banks and stay secure. You can never be too safe, and the Frost team makes it clear that your safety is their biggest priority.

Form a Financial Goal and Stick to It

One big financial goal of mine is to buy a house with my boyfriend next year, something that truly used to terrify until I wrote it down and made an action plan. Maybe your financial goal is to start a new business. Perhaps you’re saving to backpack through Europe. Whatever your goal may be, make it count and make it clear. Write your financial goal down and check-in on your progress every month or quarter. Be accountable with your savings and let your bank handle the rest.

Do you have a financial tip that has helped you feel empowered? Share yours in the comments below! If you are looking for financial advice, I highly recommend visiting your local Frost Bank and checking them out online here.

This post was sponsored by Frost Bank, but all opinions are my own. Thank you to the brands and readers who make Cup of Charisma possible. 


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