Big News! Cup of Charisma at Social Media Breakfast Houston

Jillian Goltzman (Cup of Charisma) at the first Houston Bloggers Meetup prepares for Social Media Breakfast Houston

Hello lovely readers! I am so excited to share that I’ve been selected as a speaker at Houston Social Media Breakfast. If you’ve never been before, it’s a free and informative gathering held monthly at Canopy. Aside from eating the very best meal of the day with like-minded social media and communication folks, speakers from across Houston come to speak about topics they are experts in. Join me TOMORROW at 8:30 a.m. – it’ll be nice to have some familiar faces in the room!

I was honored when host Kami Huyse contacted me to be a speaker. In fact, I had to do a triple-take and re-read the message three times before realizing that she wanted ME to speak. It’s such a cool experience to see this blog grow into what it is. To be completely honest, I couldn’t have done this without YOU, so thank you for being a fan and showing your support.

I’ll be talking about how to grow a relevant audience on Instagram in a way that applies to both your personal brand and your business.If you’re not based in Houston, you can still tune in! If you want to attend virtually we will live stream from this link at the appointed time. The stream will just appear when we go live.

As Houston Social Media Breakfast so eloquently stated:

Last year was the year that Instagram grew up! They opened up business profiles, added analytics and opened up advertising. They also made a lot of changes to the way the system works, including the algorithm that determines who sees your posts (thanks, Facebook). They also added a bunch of new features, including stories and now the latest, live video.

It is a fast-growing platform with 150 million daily users, which is up from 100 million just last October. It hits a young demographic, with 59% of users aged 1-29 and 33% of users aged 30-49 using the platform.

Here are just a few of the things we will cover:

– A rundown of all the new features and how to use them
– The three ways you can share video on Instagram and why you should
– Tips for how to best engage viewers on Instagram,
– Ideas for getting people back to your site from Instagram
– Curating your feed and the best editing apps/schedulers,
– Crafting the perfect caption and hashtags to attract a community,
– Using Instagram to engage with influencers,
– Understanding the demographics and etiquette of the platform


Me – hi guys!

Cup of Charisma Speaks at Social Media Breakfast Houston

Kami Huyse, Moderator of SMBHOU

Kami Huyse is a digital strategist, speaker and author, connecting people and ideas. She has been the moderator of the Social Media Breakfast of Houston since 2009. She also serve as CEO of Zoetica Media, a digital marketing and public relations agency in Houston.

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Snapchat: @kamichats

Will I see you there?


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