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Via the Hutton HotelBelieve it or not, Tennessee has a special place in this city girl’s heart. My best friend, Heather, moved to Knoxville during my junior year of high school and it has always been a very foreign but familiar place. I’m not used to Tennessee living and can’t say that I truly know Knoxville like the back of my hand, but one of the most important women in my life lives there and that makes it home. I was so excited to travel to Tennessee¬†with my boyfriend, Brian‚ÄĒhe could FINALLY meet Heather and her adorable set of twins. Before we visited her, we knew we had to make one big visit to Nashville, the music capital of the country.

I ventured through Nashville’s cutest spaces and neighborhoods for two full days and was so inspired to share this trip with you. If you’re looking for a fun and inspiring¬†trip, Nashville is crawling with culture.

The Stay 

Via the Hutton Hotel

Where do I even begin? If you stay ANYWHERE in Nashville, you need to visit the Hutton Hotel. The Hutton Hotel is the premiere boutique hotel in Nashville. Everyone knows it and it gives off the cool yet socially conscious air I can’t resist. You could say the hotel is¬†green from the ground up. The Hutton Hotel is actually a ¬†repurposed office building with Earth-friendly appointments.¬†Recognized by the Tennessee Hospitality Association for Green Initiatives, Hutton is Nashville‚Äôs greenest hotel.

Aside from the green appointments, the Hutton Hotel is aesthetically gorgeous. I do not lie when I say it is an interior designers dream. Mid-century furniture, unique artwork, and oak wood accents fill the space. I personally loved the modern minimalist art that hung on every wall.

The staff at the Hutton Hotel was as kind as ever and offered us so many recommendations and accommodations.


Via Imogen + Willie

I can’t say I anticipated for just how cute Nashville would be. I was expected country music, cowboy boots, and barbecue. When I first moved to Texas, my friends in Florida were SO judgmental and assumed I’d be riding to work on a horse. I guess my assumption was the same? I found so many little gems sprinkled around Nashville.

12South was my favorite spot throughout the trip. My boyfriend isn’t much of a shopper, but we loved walking down 12 Ave. South and scoping out the shops and restaurants. My favorite stops were at¬†Imogene + Willie (indie dreamland), Draper James (heyyyy, Reese Witherspoon), and
Corner Music Store (for the boyfriend, of course).

As if a leisurely stroll through quaint boutiques wasn’t enough, a FLOWER TRUCK frequents 12South. Amelia’s Flower Truck is about the cutest damn thing I’ve ever seen. It makes me question mum career choices as I formulate whether I could make a living selling peonies out of a truck. #LifeGoals

Via Amelia’s Flower Truck Instagram

During my time in Nashville, I also found a pop-up booth for the Shine Project, my blogger crush who has created a jewelry to help impoverished students raise funds for college.

Outside of shopping 12South, the Parthenon is a cute date spot that offers a beautiful scenery. We also checked out the Country Music Hall of Fame and Thomas Jefferson’s Heritage, but didn’t feel as head-over-heels. I’m not a country fan and the Hermitage’s heavy slave history can be a bit uncomfortable. If you’re into history, I’d definitely recommend the two.


Via Biscuit Love Facebook

The two culinary gems¬†that stand out most in my mind are Josephine’s and Biscuit Love (which sounds as delicious as its name). Joesphine’s is a modern restaurant set in a stylish space. Located in 12South, the restaurant¬†evokes sweet, relaxing and perfect for brunch vibes. Likewise, Biscuit Love is ¬†PHENOMENAL. The biscuits will literally melt in your mouth and the calories will be oh-so-worth it. Calories don’t count when you’re eating pillowy baked goods and sipping mimosas.


The label “nightlife” might be a tad misleading. As you may or may not know, I’m NOT a club person by any means. When I heard there was a speak easy-esque bar in Nashville, Brian and I couldn’t pass it up. Patterson House is everything my wannabe vintage¬†heart could every dream of. The upscale bar serves¬†craft cocktails mixed with care in a cozy, mellow setting that looks like a scene in the Great Gatsby.



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