How To Make a Gallery Wall + 20 Must Have Pieces

How to Make a Gallery Wall

For as long as I can remember, I’ve never had a place of my own. As a child, my parents always held superior reign over my bedroom decor. My tiny room at my old home in Florida had been renovated to whatever my creative father could muster. I had a princess bed one year, walls painted with a kaleidoscope of colors, a dinosaur room, a room with 3D music notes stuck to the walls, etc. My last and final bedroom from ages 15 to 25 was a New York City-themed shrine, complete with a mural of Times Square and at least 30 framed Playbills. (Envision the decor of your favorite Jewish deli.) As a newly minted 27-year-old, I finally have an apartment of my own that’s completely bare.

Cue the gallery wall art mission. 

I’m in the process of framing prints and measuring for my home office, but have come across a few handy tips and tricks to share on how to make a gallery wall.

Pick the Perfect Place

The wonderful thing about your gallery wall is that it can go virtually anywhere in your home. Incorporate motivational quotes in a your office space, create something zen over your bathtub, add vibrant color to your living room… you get the point.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix It Up

Just like your outfit, not EVERY detail has to match. Frames are definitely an area you can go bold and differentiate with. Select a mixture of 1-2 colors and perhaps a metallic like gold. Play around with solid frames and add one or two ornate pieces into the mix. This also applies to wall decor that doesn’t come in the form of a gorgeous poster or print. Dare to add a cute wall clock, mirrors and maybe even a terrarium or tapestry!

Make It Cohesive

I know, I know. I JUST said mix it up but the art in your gallery wall should be aesthetically cohesive. Try to find common hues in the art work or a few similar styles to bring everything together. Would you ever see a Rembrandt on a gallery wall with an Andy Warhol? Probably not. Treat this the same.

Choose an Statement Piece

While an anchor piece on a gallery wall isn’t always necessary, it can really help tell a story and string the other images along together. Choosing a slightly larger, brighter photo will magnetize viewers and manifest a focal point.

Convinced to make your own? Grab a hammer, some frames, measuring tape and a few of my favorite pieces below!


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