Palm Tree Print Dress

Summer Style: All White Accessories + Tropical Palm Prints

Summer Style: The Perfect Palm Tree Printed Dress

Disclaimer: This post requires sunglasses to proceed. Prior to the first Blogger Union meet-up last month, I took at tripĀ to the Sugar & Cloth Color Wall with my gals to take an inevitable series of beaming, bright outfit posts. I’m going to be 100% honest here, I have been going through A LOT of ups and downs during the last month. From weight loss to weight gain,Ā happiness to sadness, flash backs to memory lapses and back again, the last month has felt like a stressful roller coaster. While organizing my first event in Houston was a major undertaking, it was a resolution I had set out for since January. I was so proud to pull it off… I made a bold moveĀ in an even bolder print.

Let’s start with a subtle step that can make a big difference: lips. When dressing for a summer day, I think a bright lip color is a nice nod to sunshine. I chose orange and don’t regret a thing! The color seemed to pop off the all-white walls of Sugar & Cloth Studio on a day that I’ll never forget.

Summer Style: Accessorizing the Perfect Palm Tree Printed Dress

This palm tree print dress has been ALL OVER my Instagram and has finally made it’s way to the blog. I’m really in love with all white accessories for the summer season. You’ll notice the accents on the rose gold bracelets fit into the white on white motif.


I have to give it to my mom when it comes to this amazing blue palm tree print dress. For lack of a better word, palm fronds are “in” and I frankly don’t think she even had a clue when she picked it out. My favorite thing about it is the flattering cut and feminine neckline. Plus, can we all take a moment to check out that TWIRL! You all have no idea what a challenge it was to get this shot, but my photographer for the day (and blogging mentor/therapist/comedian) Jaclyn of Beauty and the Binky got it down. Last but not least, these mock Valentino heels seal the deal.

Summer Trend Alert: Accessorizing the Perfect Palm Tree Printed Dress

The Best Palm Tree Printed Dress on a Budget

summer fashion palm tree dress

Summer Style: Accessorizing the Perfect Palm Tree Printed Dress

Looking back on this look and I had SO much fun shooting this, even if I almost busted my butt jumpingĀ in stilettos. No matter how I feel about myself, I’m going to make a pact to takeĀ more outfit posts moving forward and stay on my toes with Cup of Charisma no matter what the number on the scale is or how high my stress level has soared. Look out for more bright, Color Wall photos to come.

On a completely unrelated note, this may not fit into a curated look or a bright style post but I don’t know when I’d have another chance to stress this while it’s still a need. The Orlando attack on the LGBTQ community at Pulse night club was both terrifying and saddening. It pains me to read the news or watch the coverage, but there is still more we can do to unite. Please consider learning how you can help do your part and bring love into the colorful community of our LGBTQ brothers and sisters. Learn more on

When drowning in a sea of the negative headlines we read each and every day, it’s hard to find the one buoyant piece of news that will lift us above the travesties that are scarily becoming commonplace. Rather than struggle to understand the inconceivable motives that stole 49Ā lives from us, let’s honor those lives and focus on helping those impacted by today’s horrendous attacks. Let’s continue to show a united community built on love, pride and acceptance of all. This weekĀ may be polluted, but I only hope that the tears shedĀ will wash away the stains of abhorrence and reveal a community overflowing with compassion.

So much love to all of you, whoever you are and wherever you are. As Lin Manuel Miranda said at Sunday’s Tony Awards “love is love is love.”

Summer Style: Accessorizing the Perfect Palm Tree Printed Dress

Summer Trend: All White Accessories

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Summer Trend: Finding and Styling Perfect Palm Tree Printed Dress


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