The Best Summer iPhone Cases

best iphone cases for summer

12 Best Summer-Themed iPhone Cases for the Season

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Summer is here; cue palm tree motifs, floppy hats, umbrella adorned cocktails and sandy toes. For those of us who may not be traveling to far off destinations to soak under a tropical sun and sip margaritas, summer can seem like lots of heat and little action. I’ve yet to plan my summer vacation plans…I’m a tad bit of a procrastinator so most of my summer months will be spent baking under Houston’s insane heat waves and sitting in my air conditioned office. If you have a beach-free summer ahead or you simply can’t wait to take your next big vacation, these summer iPhone cases are the cutest possible way to celebrate the season. I’ve rounded up my favorite fifteen summer iPhone cases to help bring the beach and sunshine to you, no matter where you are this summer.

I’m a serial iPhone case buyer. I love collecting cute cases that have personality and show a bit of quirk. I personally love the ice cream and popsicle shaped cases – they remind me of my childhood summers spent playing outside with friends on my Razor scooter and following the sound of the ice cream truck. (Are there ever any ice cream trucks anymore?!) The Gray Malin case is also a favorite since he’s such a talented photographer. Of course, I had to throw in a little piece of Texas, too, and incorporate cactus into the mix.

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