5 Ways to Use Your Smartphone to Decorate Your Living Space

5 Ways to Use Your Smartphone to Design and Decorate Your Living Space

Big news: we are FINALLY moving! As I type this from my crammed apartment with what sounds like a night club blaring above me, I can not say goodbye to this place sooner. We found a nice apartment building in Uptown that I can’t wait to move into. We’ll have more space, better amenities, an actually OFFICE with a real door (better than my current office situation) and hopefully neighbors who don’t like to play “Drop It Like It’s Hot” on the highest volume at 2 a.m. Aside from a new environment, I’m most excited to decorate our new adobe. Believe it or not, the most valuable tool for home remodeling isn’t a measuring tape or hammer. Right now, it’s probably in your pocket. I’ve rounded up the ways you can use your smartphone to decorate and design your home.

Add Color to Your Walls Without Paint

Will that paint color look good on your walls? Now you can find out without lifting a paintbrush. The Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap app for mobile lets you capture colors that you love in real life and then visualize what those colors will look like in your home. The app takes the guesswork out of choosing a paint color and saves you time, so you won’t need to pick up paint samples ever again.

Put a Pin in It

There is certainly no shortage of design inspiration available online. This is especially true when it comes to Pinterest. Sure, you might use the social media site for saving your DIY craft ideas and tasty recipes, but you can also use Pinterest to create your dream living space. Pin ideas from others, like interesting furniture pieces or beautiful design scapes, for example. This way all of the things you like will be in one place (or one board), so you can go back to it whenever you want and pull inspiration from your pinned collection. Use the Pinterest app to pin on the go on your smartphone or your tablet.

Make Measurements Simple

Forget bumbling around with that tape measure and use your phone to take measurements around your home. The Easy Measure app can take measurements around your living space through your smartphone’s camera lens. Simply hold up your phone to the area where you want to measure and you’ve got your measurement. There’s no need for making pencil marks on your walls or bringing out that wobbly ladder to take a measurement. With help from the app you can ensure that new couch you’ve had your eye on for awhile will fit in your living room.

Design Your Dream

Do you have a big idea? Sketch it. The Paper and Pencil app by FiftyThree doesn’t just allow you to organize photos and notes, it also lets you sketch your big home remodel ideas and store them for later. This way you never lose an idea. The app is free and is compatible on iOS devices like the iPhone 6. The designers also have a custom “pencil” stylus that helps bring your home design ideas to life.

Shop Around

Available for download in the Google Play store and compatible on phones like the Samsung Galaxy S6, the Houzz App allows you to effortlessly shop, connect with industry professionals, share ideas and get expert advice from the palm of your hand. The experts from Houzz provide tips and DIY tutorials to help you get started designing your dream living space. Plus, once you are ready to start making changes to your home, you can browse through a collection of reviewed contractors who have previously been trusted by other homeowners for their own home renovations and remodels.

Have a favorite app that’s helped you design your dream space? Tell me in the comments!


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