5 Things to Love This Friday

5 Things to Love This Week

Happy Friday! I’m still on my Thrive high from last weekend’s Thrive Blog Conference. As you’ll see below, a LOT happened this week! I put together an editorial calendar filled with stories I hope you’ll be excited about. In the meantime , I wanted to share five things to love on the internet this week. I MAY be a little biased on a few of these, but you’ll find out why.

  1. This adorable dancing Pomeranian on Hello Giggles. I lost my Pomeranian dog after 14 years of love two months ago. It was really hard losing Foxy, especially since she didn’t look sick and still fit the mold of an energetic puppy. This Pomeranian just reminded me of her absolute weirdness and I LOVE it. If you do want to follow the adventure of my corgi, Minnie, you can find her on Instagram at @minniethepoocher.
  2. Can you imagine what your life would be like if you didn’t grow up in a household of books? It could have shaped the person you are today drastically. More than $250 million worth of e-books are soon going to be available to kids in need — for free. Thank you, Obama. (via Upworthy)
  3. This might be old news, but John Oliver slammed America’s resident xenophobe and hate mongerer Donald Trump… I mean Drumpf. This was the most I’d ever laughed out loud, I was hysterical. Perhaps the after-effect of the video is realizing that the things in this video are actually unfolding and there might be a chance that Trump will be our president. While we imagined what a life under fascist Trump would be like, we probably all took a hot minute to google “How to Move to Canada.” This isn’t as much as a feel good as a “snap out of it.” Let’s not put fascist, racist liars in the office and let’s get demystified by this “sh*tty lifestyle brand” who is not, as he puts, “good for women.” (via Vogue)
  4. In lighter news, try not to lose yourself in the eyes of this adorable kitten.
  5. I WAS FEATURED ON HUFFINGTON POST…seriously! I’ll write a post about the process and how it felt to get an email from Arianna Huffington (I fell off my desk chair), but in the meantime you can read it here: 4 Things You Learn When You Let Go Through Travel (you might remember it from here… you read it first!)

Cup of Charisma on Huffington Post


Have a beautiful weekend! Have any plans? Share them below!


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