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Peach Box Jewels in Rose Gold - Rodeo Style Details

This may come as a shock to my new friends in Texas, but I’ve never been to a rodeo, listened to Brad Paisley or new what Go Texan Day really was. It took a troop of a my coworkers stomping around in cowboy boots and belting “Deep In the Heart of Texas” before a parade of livestock closed down the major road outside of my office building to understand just how important the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is. I’ve never seen anything like the pride in Texas and it’s inspired me to put together a rodeo style post — who would have thought!?

The most interesting part about moving to Texas was discovering how passionate everyone is to live in this state. In South Florida, you see the occasional “305” tattoo or touristy t-shirt, but it’s always been more of a destination for people to talk about rather than a place to call home. In Texas, I see the state flag in every corner of every restaurant and coffee shop. Storefronts are filled with state silhouettes and red, white and blue. The people here feel so strongly about their home and that is something to truly admire — in fact, it’s made calling Texas home a little easier than I imagined.

After hearing all of the hype, I was really excited to got to the rodeo and see what the phenomenon was about. There’s a REALLY funny story behind these photos. My boyfriend and I planned to spend our afternoon looking at cows and eating deep-fried oreos (just this once!) but it turns out that the rodeo was closed today. I still dressed the part, so we held an impromptu shoot outside of Rice Village. Prior to settling on brunch in the village, Brian wanted to go to an Anime convention… because that sounded like the reasonable thing to do while dressed as a pseudo-cow girl (a slight over-dramatization, but I felt this way). I paired some gorgeous bracelets from the Peach Box with these boots, a denim jacket, Coach bag and fluffy Francesca’s pom pom keychain.

While the rodeo season upon us, I’m also sharing some snaps from our Valentine’s Day trip to Dallas and Fort Worth, home to the Fort Worth Stock Yards. If you go, I highly recommend FT33, a trip to the top of the Reunion Tower, drinks in the quirky Deep Ellum, and brunch and boutique hopping at the Bishop Arts District.

Going to the rodeo March 1-20? Have you been before? Tell me your favorite part or what to expect in the comments below!


Clueless Floridian

Outfit Details: Denim Jacket | Handbag (similar) | Francesca’s Rabbit Fur Poof Keychain | The Peach Box Roman Empress Bracelet | The Peach Box Metallic Stud Bangle Sunglasses (similar) | Leather Riding Boots (similar)

Cup of Charisma's Take on Rodeo Style with Modcloth riding boots

Houston Rodeo Style with Modcloth, Francesca's, Gap and Coach

Places to Go in Dallas - Reunion Tower in Dallas Texas

Houston Rodeo Style with Modcloth, Francesca's, Gap and Coach

Francesca's Pom Pom with Coach Purse

Old Red Museum of Dallas County History & Culture



Riding boots from Modcloth -- perfect for the rodeo season!

A Modern Take on Rodeo Style with Cup of Charisma

Dallas Travels with Cup of Charisma

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