How I’m Practicing Self-Love This Valentine’s Day

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Project Self-Love Day Freaking One

This is what I look like 90% of the time, minus the pretty blowout. Lately things have felt like a total state of chaos. I’m distracted and connected all at once – strangely addicted to information overload, personal deadlines and the tiny red numbers that populate the corner of our apps to remind us how far behind we are. I feel busy, important, needed…? I really don’t.

To be totally transparent, I have been pretty hard on myself the last few months. From exhaustion to overreactions, I’ve done a poor job of making enough time for myself and my health. I’ve eliminated things like reading, workouts, healthy eating, heck, even calling my parents… the things that make me feel balanced and happy. The truth is, you can take on as many passion projects, be kickass at work, and “sleep when you’re dead” to succeed, but your body and mind can’t help you get there if you treat their maintenance like a chore.

This is Where I Leave You… (Well, Not Really But I Love the Book)

So this is where I say sayonara and see you in three days! I’ll be going to Dallas this weekend and I’m going to take in the city without my phone playing third wheel for the weekend (groundbreaking!). I’ll check in periodically but won’t will be “detoxing” from the world of social media. I love social media and being connected too all of you, but I think we all have a responsibility to give ourselves small, meaningful periods of rest.

In order to be the blogger/employee/journalist/superstar/daughter/friend I want to be, I need to figure out how to be kind to myself. Care to join me on a mission of preservation and self-love? I encourage you to read that book, take that trip, sleep in, revisit hobbies and experience a moment where no one else is present except for you and your loved ones… in-person… without your Snapchat audience watching.

XO Jillian


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