The “I’m Sorry” Flowers of Blog Posts


Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 6.10.13 AMIt’s been a whole 10 days since the last post and, to be honest, that feels like an eternity. Think of this blog as the “I’m sorry” after a significant other forgets Valentine’s Day or a birthday. This isn’t quite the beautiful bouquet of apology flowers, but it’s a placeholder for what’s to come. There are a lot of exciting updates that are beginning to take shape now, but nothing that’s fully prepped and ready for my readers’ eyes. The story of how this month of blogging came to be a determinative prep for bigger things involves a relapse (not in drugs or alcohol, but a relapse on self-love), a very important email, a very important phone call, and the need to get out of the disorganized chaos that became February.

In March, I’ll be highlighting the normal social good themes but also sharing a toolkit for keeping your cool in overwhelming situations (as told my a freak-out expert), keeping family close no matter the distance (and what my personal wakeup call was), pressing “send” on the message that stands between you and your goals, and to look down from the bottom with the will to climb back up.

It’s been a challenging month with lots of moving parts and as I get back to focusing on self-care and kindness, I’ll be giving this blog the love it needs as well.



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