Moving at Full Speed

Jillian Goltzman, Cup of Charisma creator, in San Francisco

Hi loves! It’s been a rocky three weeks and, lately, Cup of Charisma has taken a hit for it. I thank you for hopefully staying on as¬†readers.¬†There will definitely be a post explaining this mild three-week-long black out and what caused it.¬†Life isn’t always as pretty as an Instagram feed; you have no way of knowing what’s happening beyond the filter. (Ugh, did I just use Instagram as an analogy for life? Please stop me here.) I’ve been dealing with some family matters that have definitely forced me to mature as a person. That maturing lead me to realize that despite the moments in life where the world feels like limbo and we’re just floating in a atmosphere of chaos, this blog needs to continue to grow.It’s time to move at full speed yet again.

Cup of Charisma brings me so much happiness and continues to be my favorite part of the week. I’ve made most of my friends through this very platform, have worked with incredible people and have heard feedback from you all on stories that meant more to me than sponsored posts or outfit photos. I’ve poured my heart out and talked about losing love, finding love, surviving¬†rocky friendships, and all of the in betweens. So this is a promise that next time life decides to try me, I’ll be open and up front from the¬†start.¬†Being the sole content creator of a blog is overwhelming and I commend bloggers who push through life’s obstacles and balance whether they work full-time and blog for fun or make this their complete living. A post that takes minutes to read can take hours to put together.¬†Blogging is just as time consuming as it is rewarding, but I wouldn’t have it any other day.

So what are we suppose to do when a crisis blows through? As a former publicist, I always thought it was ridiculous to “prepare” for a crisis.¬†I’m not sure how well I can prepare for another crisis to blow through, but I can at least clean up the debris it left behind. This cryptic post will make sense sooner rather than later, but here’s what you can expect this month on Cup of Charisma + some surprises along the way:

  • Gift guides that actually give back, because that’s the foundation this site was built on.
  • The return of outfit posts! (Because blogging doesn’t stop when you gain a few pounds from the holidays, right?)
  • More¬†non-sponsored content: Eventually in blogging, when you get large enough you’ll begin to profit in some way or another. As mentioned, blogging is a time consuming job and sometimes it can be very costly. I put out personal money for new clothes, products to try, camera equipment and sometimes paid photoshoots. In the beginning when I had 0 audience, I paid for my own giveaway prizes just to try to interest potential readers. To balance out these fees, I do accept sponsored posts from time to time. I only work with brands I truly believe you’ll love and relate to. You will never see a brand featured on my blog that I don’t personally back. If I am compensated in anyway for a post, you’ll know. Additionally, you won’t be bombarded with sponsored post after sponsored post. There will be more non-sponsored content always.
  • A brand spankin’ new travel section: After just coming back from a trip to San Francisco, I decided it’s time to broaden Cup of Charisma to feature travel. Look forward to reading recommendations and adventures from San Francisco, Miami, Hawaii and Houston in the months to come.

Looking forward to being back on the map! Check back for my afternoon post featuring my trip to Market Street in The Woodlands.

XO Jillian


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