8 Feel Good Things to Love this Friday


Oh Friday, we meet again! I always think it’s a bit hysterical how we all count down till the weekend. I have a job I love, filled with people I love, but still I can’t help but get the undeniable itch ofĀ a middle school child waiting for the final bell to dismiss 6th period. Weekends are just a refreshing break to re-focus and claim your creativity in new ways. This weekend in particular is an exciting one since I had not expected to have off for Columbus Day, so a little celebrating is in order. There’s nothing more disheartening than waking up to find crushing headlines. Fires, robberies, shootings, war… to put it bluntly, it all sucks. We can’t ignore that bad things happen everyday, some of which we cannot changeĀ nor control. Rather than feel helpless, we can counteract and try to acknowledge some of the great things and progress being made.Ā So let’s highlight some of the goodĀ things to love on the internet this week, shall we?


This assistant principal who sings and dances during school drop-off. How adorable is this? I never had the chance to Cha Cha Slide into homeroom, but given the opportunity I might have. (via Upworthy)

These Elon University students who raised money to send a coffee shop worker to Disney World with her family, a long-time wish of hers. Prepare tissues. (via HelloGiggles)

My boyfriend turns 31 today, but more importantly QUIDDITCH TURNS 10. Thanks you for the best imaginary sport, Harry Potter. (via HelloGiggles)

This emotional Craigslist adĀ is too much to handle. Beautiful. (via Huffington Post)

These sweet photos of Down Syndrome children loving life. It reminds me of my nephew Jaeden, who I miss SO much. Here’s a pic of us so you understand the cuteness factor. (via Huffington Post)

jaeden2 jaeden1

This great Levo League article on how *not* to find a mentor. I’ve had some really amazing mentors in my life, including creative genius and self-help author Nikki Novo and my badass editor Maria Tettamanti (of The Wordy Girl). (via Levo League)

Speaking of Nikki, herĀ article on remaining focused on your dreams is a must-read because straying can certainly happens… I’ve been there. (via

This shirt from Sevenly, an organization that gives $7 of each item to a new charity each week. This shirt happens to go to NO MORE, my favorite organization to endĀ domestic violence and sexual assault. This cause is near and dear to my heart, so join me in rocking this adorable tee.Ā 

Now go off and have a great weekend!



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