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College always seems to be that four-year stretch of time we all wish to play limbo in for just a tiny bit longer. From football games to rush week, college is filled with rich moments that soon transform to glimmers of nostalgia. I’d hate to break it to you, but I was never in a sorority and I once thought football had “innings.” I may have not mastered the game of corn hole or mingled with the Greeks, but I lived for weighty to-do lists and planning for the next best thing. College was four years of Red Bull-induced all-nighters, piles of index cards, hours of club meetings and countless trips to Office Depot — a true hustle before I even knew how to. As F. Scott Fitzgerald would say I was “within and without” the inexhaustible variety of campus life.


No matter how bogged down I became, surrounding myself with fresh new office supplies, color-coordinated folders and sharpies always made me feel a surge of productivity. My level of organization and love for sparkling day planners soon entered some odd symbiotic relationship and fed off of each other. I was always energized by the treasures I’d pick up from Office Depot and OfficeMax every semester. As a 26-year-old business professional, I can tell you truthfully that my obsession with aesthetically pleasing to-do lists and glittering binders has not subsided one bit since college. During my post-grad years, I’ve come to find that back-to-school season applies to office life as well. It’s as if we’re wired to need a recharge after the long summer months. Lately, I’ve been feeling the end of summer blues myself, so I decided to reinvigorate my work life with a trip to Office Depot.

Being a freelance writer, blogger, and full-time social media manager means a few things: 1. I’m in a relationship with my phone. 2. I’m a to-do list freak. 3. I need to be as organized as possible to get by. 4. Real talk: Everything I own needs to be Instagrammable. My office supplies keep me on task, making life controlled rather than chaotic. On my recent trip, I was looking for supplies to reinvigorate my workspace — if I’m going to stare at a desk all day, I want it to be one that keeps me smiling. Office Depot and OfficeMax have styles college students and professionals want at prices they’ll love.  I’ve lived on the college budget and speak from experience, trust me. 

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Being a fanatic for all things gold and mint, there were a few key items I couldn’t leave without. I combined Divoga and See Jane Work products together to give my home office a much-needed makeover. The results? Adorable, affordable and filled with charisma. If you’re looking to gear up for a picturesque college all-nighter or just another day at the office, you can shop my picks in the slide show below. Find your own back-to-school style at your local Office Depot and OfficeMax store or online at Keep on hustling, dreamers!

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This is a sponsored post in partnership with Office Depot, Inc. and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own.



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