Unboxing Scent Trunk

Photo by Sarah Zimmerman, AYearofBoxes.com

Photo by Sarah Zimmerman, AYearofBoxes.com

The evolution of subscription boxes continues to amaze me. In an age where snail mail has been abandoned, it’s gratifying to find a small box of treasures waiting on your doorstep. From beauty boxes and jewelry boxes, I thought I had seen it all. When Scent Trunk approached me, I was completely caught off guard. 

Whether we realize it or not, scent is one of the many things we instantly notice about a person. It sticks with us and creates a lasting first impression. The personalized subscription box was initially geared for a male audience and recently decided to foray into female perfumes. William Yin, CEO of Scent Trunk, started the company after an awkward work encounter when a co-worker told him he smelled just like her dad. Well, that’s sexy, right? *Cringe* If someone walked up with you and said “Wow, is your outfit from Banana Republic? My grandma has that pencil skirt and loves it,” you’d probably give them the shrewdest side-eye in existence. We each want to have our unique style, so why not smell?

Each scent is “indie” and made from small batch perfume creators. The brands are Courtney Barnetts in a world of Katy Perrys, bold and different despite popular demand.

Another unique feature that I appreciated was the personalization tool. I was able to share my scent profile with my favorite notes (whether floral or woodsy) and personality features.

The box is $18 a month and ships to the U.S. and Canada. My blogger buddy Sarah over at AYearOfBoxes.com even has a discount for you!

If you do decide to check out Scent Trunk, I’d love hear what you have to say! Let me know your scent profile in the comments below!

Photo by Sarah Zimmerman, AYearOfBoxes.com

Photo by Sarah Zimmerman, AYearOfBoxes.com


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