Lost and Found: Why I Unplugged

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Hey there, stranger! I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I’ve been more than behind on Cup of Charisma. While I’ve tried to be transparent on Instagram, I’ve gone MIA within the last month and unplugged from the outside world. The last month was hectic to say the least. From visiting Hawaii to moving into a new apartment, I knew that making time for content production would be tough but doable. My confidence soon FLEW out the window about four weeks ago when I was admitted to the hospital with appendicitis. (Darn vestigial organs!)

I didn’t welcome appendicitis well and decided to pass it off as a bad case of cramps. (Which sounds absurd but I went with it.) I was uninsured at the time and reluctant to push through. In true Cup of Charisma fashion, I feel like I need to leave you with a lesson. Here’s three: 1) Don’t put off medical emergencies. 2) The most moronic sentence to say when you find out the insurance at your new job takes 90 days to kick in is, “Nothing will happen to me.” 3) Just get freakin’ Cobra and call it a day.

I spent one week in the hospital after some slight complications with my surgery, which went from an expected 45-minutes to a lengthy four hours. My appendix was quite the trickster and caused surgeons to switch from a laproscopic appendectomy to an open one. Translation: More incisions than planned. (RIP summer swimsuits. See you next year!) If you haven’t had an appendectomy, you probably haven’t realized how many times you’re forced to do a sit-up each day. Tasks like getting out of bed and getting into the shower felt IMPOSSIBLE. Add in unwanted tummy scars and you can imagine it was a nuisance. Good riddance you pesky appendix.

During the last three weeks, I’ve been recovering and taking the time to unplug. Between my job in social media and my life as a blogger, I found that I was ALWAYS connected to my surroundings which could be a lot to process. While I admire the tremendous impact social media has on society, I knew the prescribed weeks of rest would require me to unwind and unplug. So what have I been up to? Spending time with my visiting family members, appreciating my benevolent boyfriend, watching LOTS of TV series (most recently “The Newsroom”… get it together, Maggie and Jim!) and sleeping far more than usual. Quintessentially, I became the closest thing to a human sloth (which can be endearing).

After a month, I’m rested and restless. This hiatus has made me eager to come back at full force. I’m excited to re-enter the blogging world with new content to make up for my own radio silence. Thank you for ALL of your well wishes! I’m continuously grateful for the friends I’ve made through this site.

Stay tuned for a Hawaii recap and more in the week to come!




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