Diamond in the Rough



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“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” The tidbit of opinion popularized by Broadway’s Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Marilyn Monroe have coined the phrase women have continued to identify with since the 50s. Don’t get me wrong — a sparkling diamond is a beautiful thing. What I’m more interested in than a scintillating rock on my finger is what it was before the shine. Rough diamonds are purposeful. Rough diamonds are the ones that have a long journey ahead and a story to tell along the way.

Several years ago, I went through a pretty drastic hardship that affected my entire life. I had several reactions while overcoming the adversity and turmoil of being dealt a truly unlucky hand. I built a levee of defense to protect myself — confusion, fear and despair tried to penetrate it through any crevice. It was too much baggage for any 22-year-old woman to deal with, let alone any woman at all. We don’t control what happens to us, only how we handle it.

Acknowledging this flaw in the system, I questioned why my life hadn’t blossomed into the one I had planned or promised myself. If I had just had the hindsight to choose a different path, would I be as faultless and blissful as my college counterparts seemed in their Facebook photos? To be honest, there’s no possible way I could have changed this dark cloud and that haunted me for awhile.

So what does my story have to do with diamonds? My parents knew I was being strong and brave… the exertion was there and tiring as ever. This is the part where my fascination with stones finally kicks in — weird, I know but hang with me here. There was hope manifested in a small velvet drawstring bag with a polished gemstone inside. Along with the purple stone there was a note that explained that rocks must go through tumbles before they can shine.

Our struggles, heartaches and stories are the common bond between humanity and ourselves. If we’re human, we’re flawed. If we’re alive, we’ve lived a life that doesn’t always go according to plan. If your life were polished and cut to precision since birth, you’d miss the entire journey. The tumbles would be pointless; the growth would be non-existent. You’d come at a price rather than with a priceless story to tell.

Scientifically, diamonds are the strongest crystal. So while shining during dark times can feel like it takes every ounce of energy at times, it’s buried deep within us and becomes natural over time and the challenges it took to get us there.

Here’s a silver lining to the serious talk: Whether you’re feeling inspired or just want to add some gorgeous gemstones to your jewelry collection, I have a treat for you! Miami-born handmade jeweler, Beach House Fancy’s rough diamond bar necklace instantly attracted me with it’s raw beauty. Use code CHARISMA25 to receive 25% off items on beachhousefancy.com.

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